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    Default Early Escapes Deal Not Working!!

    I'm trying to book our vacation on the Couples website for December 28th 2011-January 11th 2012 but the "early escapes" promo doesn't come up even when I put in the promo code. The only one that does show up is the Fall promo. Has anyone had this happen?

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    Call the 800 number, they can book it for you and there is no extra charge for the service.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I recall something similar happening when we booked last summer for the Early Escapes promo. The code listed in the description on the specials page did not show up when going through the booking procedure. I think I wound up calling the 800 number and booking over the phone. They sent verification of the booking and a receipt for the deposit through email immediately. Pretty easy. I had sent a message about it through the contacts page, but I suppose the glitch is still in the system.

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    Ugh, without the grid and the early escapes promo working, I'm afraid I'll be on the phone forever driving this poor person crazy. Please fix the website booking. Thanks

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