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    Default Couples in September?

    I know its Hurricane season , but what are the chances of a bad tropical storm/hurrican ruining the trip? Anyone have good or bad luck during this month?

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    We visited for a week in September in 2006. The weather was great! It hardly even rained. However, September is definitely a roll of the dice on storms, since most of them come through at the end of August or during September. That's the reason you can get some of the best deals during that time of year.

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    Been to CTI 3 times with #4 this September. Humid nights, hot days and little rain(lucky). We have NO control of the weather but that is when we go plus it is our anniversary. Make sure to get the travel insurance. We been lucky with the weather when we have been there and I hope this September won't let us down. Go and enjoy. You're going to love COUPLES!!!!!

    Ralph & Roberta
    Syracuse, NY
    COR 9/1982, CTI 9/2007, CTI 9/2009, CTI 9/2011

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    Get trip insurance.

    We've had good luck in September.
    We've also had bad luck - never had to actually cancel/postpone but came very, very close. We were inconvenienced quite a bit with travel and didn't enjoy the beach as much as usual due to the weather conditions.

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    Depends on the year. We've gone twice, once in early October 2008 and once in early September 2009. For the September trip we arrived on the heels of Hurricane Gustov. We didn't have any problems during our stay, and everything was up and running fine. The ocean was a bit rough and there was tons of seaweed all over the beach, but other than that it was gorgeous! We are going again at the end of August, and have no real concerns. This peace of mind is brought to me by my trip insurance, which lets me cancel right up to the point when my departure flight starts boarding. The expense of the insurance is absolutely worth it.

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