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    Default Questions about the Secret Rendezvous

    Is the secret rendezvous a better deal? If so by about how much? Has anyone experienced this and it turned out awesome for them such as a great room upgrade? When should/do I book it if I want to go during Xmas break? Do I tell my TA to book a secret rendevous and that's it? We are thinking about doing this. Though we have only visited CTI, we would go to any and wouldn't mind going back or trying a new Couples.

    Thanks & One Love

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    Secret Rendezvous was created to fill rooms at the last minute. Consequently these deals are only available no more than 60 days out and they aren't always available.

    If you are wanting to go to Couples over Christmas Break, I would suggest booking now and not risk missing out because the resort is booked solid and they didn't offer the Secret Rendezvous because there were no rooms.

    The holidays are the highest booking times, consequently you need to book asap.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We did the SR in 2009, March, ended up at CSS and I think we saved close to 1000 dollars since it was high season. We were in c3 with a nice suite and verandah.

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    It's almost impossible to tell how much of a savings the Secret Rendezvous is without the rate grid that they did away with on the new web site.
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    Wow, I didn't know that, we will look into it now! Thanks

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    Thanks, maybe we will be so lucky

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    We did the secret rendevous in march and got css. We were upgradwd the first night to a beachfront jacuzzi suite and then were moved to a verandah suite with a great room, a great view and a huge verandah! We would do it again in a minute. We figure we saved about 1100 on a 5 night stay. Well worth it! If we didn't want to try negril so bad we would do it again next year!! Don't know much or anything about booking a trip over the holiday though.

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    Just out of curosity... How are you guys figuring you saved so much ?? If average is $400/night and you've mentioned you saved $1100 on a 5 night stay.... Does that mean you only paid $900 for your 5 night stay ? (normal cost=$2000). If so, I think im about to be sick.

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    We paid about 1700 for our stay. To stay in the room cat we had was about 2800. I looked it up when we got back because we had been upgraded honestly we couldn't have afforded to go had we not booked an sr.

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    I think a lot of this talk is people thinking they're getting these "sweet deals" when in reality going through a travel agent, booking online thru here during a promotion..... you're going to pay right around the same price within $1-200. Of course I could be wrong, but that's my feeling.

    There is no such thing as a steal in the real world

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    We are booking at the end of June and maybe not secret rendevous if one of the Couples resorts has a great price. We have been to CTI twice. This past April we both paid $1600 which I thought was a good deal. The time before that we both paid $1800 then got $250 back each because the resort went on sale right after we booked (I don't know how my Travel Agent worked that out but we were happy). Unfortunately, we can only travel at Xmas & Springbreak which are the most expensive travel times.

    We have almost booked from the website & I almost booked using the 1-800 # that they give you! However, my travel agent can get us a DIRECT FLIGHT from my airport which is 15 minutes from where I live...Online if you book air, it is always a transfer flight....Our TA will get us Apple or Funjet charter service & we are spoiled to having that when we travel to the Caribbean ...

    Finally, after coming back from CTI recently, I am now SO HOOKED ON COUPLES. I want to try them all! I hadn't been that relaxed in a long time. So nomatter how we book, I have to go back. Trust me, I will post where we booked and when we are going as soon as we do! I am taking everyones advice and we will see what happens.

    One Love,

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    I'm thinking about doing the sr, but am afraid the rates forthis will increase. Randymon said rates are going up in July, so I'm assuming this applies to sr as well?? I've never paid attention to the sr rates before.
    I can't make up my mind where to go, but we will be on our honeymoon at some couples in Jan. So now, do I book early escapes, get the great discount and $300 resort credit, or just buy air and wait for sr? If those rates go up, it might be better to choose now and snag the savings while it's available.
    Help! Feel like I'm making my fiancé crazy trying to decide. Any advice would be great

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    We did SR the first two years we went to couples, and it was about $100 cheaper per night than it has been for the last three years when we've booked the specific resort. So, yes, you may pay less. It really varies, and you never know what you're going to get!

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