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    Default CSA - Rick's & Margaritaville

    From CSA when are the shuttles to Margaritaville and Rick's (Date and Times, return / departure) I've gone through the website and couldn't find that information.

    The deal here is that we want free dinner at CSA, but also want to check them out so if we take the shuttle - are you stuck there for a long/certain amount of time.

    Lastly, any opinions between Ricks / Margaritaville on which one is better and why ? Looking at pictures & the sunset seems like Rick's.....


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    Both are pretty touristy and expensive. But here's the deal... you can walk to Margueritaville anytime of day... its only about a 10 minute walk (if that) from SweptAway.

    You can see the sunset (6:30) at Rick's and have a late dinner at SweptAway... no problems.

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    Margaritaville is walking distance and highly overated. Very expensive drinks and no better view than CSA. I've been to several and don't see the big deal. I can't stand Jimmy Buffett though either.

    Ricks is probably a better time due to the view and cliff divers. I don't know if there is a shuttle. I keep asking and nobody directly answer yes or no. I think there used to be but maybe not anymore?? I will be there in a few weeks so I'll find out.

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    Thanks guys! I really didn't plan to head to Margaritaville, but now I probably won't for sure. I've been to Jimmy Buffet concerts, but don't like his music - I just like to drink. I'm also kind of cheap too though, so I'll stay w/ the free drinks at CSA.

    As for Rick's - I want to go..... so Sublimebrad - if you don't mind posting up I'd appreciate it! We'll be at rockhouse for a couple days after CSA so maybe if there's no free shuttle we'll check it out when we're staying at RH.

    Either way though, thanks to both of you!

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    Rick's, I'm quite sure, is very close to Rockhouse. Its certainly within walking distance along WestEnd (the Cliffs Road, also known, I think, as OneLove Dr.).

    Its also a quick cab ride, and I believe Rick's will do pickup... but you'd be on the hook for a ride back to SweptAway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Rick's, I'm quite sure, is very close to Rockhouse. Its certainly within walking distance along WestEnd ...
    True. However, walking along West End road can be very dangerous, particularly in the evening and if one is not familiar with the road and traffic in Jamaica. There was a serious incident there not too long ago. I'd opt for the mentioned cab.

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    Rick's is fun, go early because it get's crowded for the sunset party, it empties out after that. You have to get a cab and they will usually wait on you while you are inside. Remember to negotiate the fare before you leave. You can get back for a late dinner at CSA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Both are pretty touristy and expensive.
    You can see the sunset (6:30) at Rick's and have a late dinner at SweptAway... no problems.
    Agree that both are expensive and IMO overrated. But if you go, you can be back well in time for dinner.

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    When you are on the beach facing the water go left and walk about 5-10 minutes and you'll come to Margaritaville. We didn't want to pay high prices for drinks either but wanted to get a peek at the place, you'll walk right by it if you aren't paying attention...we did the first day, had to go back and watch for it specifically. We stopped, took a couple pictures, had an unimpressed moment but can say we were there. You'll likely walk the beach anyway so just be on the lookout and you will have accomplished your mission.

    Indeed, there used to be a shuttle to Ricks which was discontinued a while back...probably why the confusion results. Depends on what you like but again it's touristy and pricey but if you want to go check it out then who is to say it's not of any interest? Go to the front desk and arrange a shuttle, do it so you are there at sunset so you catch the view, watch the cliff divers and come back for the later dinner as was suggested. A while back there was also a mention of a place right next to Ricks that has cheaper drinks, the person said they took a shuttle to Ricks and walked across for drinks...don't recall the name but I'm betting once you are there it's obvious.

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    We are taking a Negril Tour which includes a stop at Rick's Cafe and the tour is only $25 per person.

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    you can always watch the sunset at the lighthouse where its peaceful and no crowds if you wanna see one from the cliff area

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    Margaritaville bucket of Red Stripe = $24 & change.
    Rick's Cafe bucket of Red Stripe = $28.80.
    Cocktails are worse, especially at Rick's. G/f got a cocktail for $9 and it was pretty small. She tried nursing it but we were stuck there for 3 hours because we were on a group outing from the resort. Seriously, after watching the cliff jumpers for 15 minutes, you've seen it. Sunset is nice. If you go, take your own cab so you can leave when you're done.

    The beach party at Margaritaville was kind of fun. Good music and dancing.

    Pic of Rick's:
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