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    Hi all,

    We stayed at CSS last year in a Beachfront Suite and liked it very much; it was close to the Beach Bar, pool, and Sunset Beach, and we like the walk-in shower. This year, we thought we'd try the Penthouse Suite. Can anyone give me info on the Penthouse Suites, how they compare with the Beachfront Suites, and their experience with the room quality and view? Yes, I know they are much further from the Beaches, but the view looks great (at least in the photos).

    Also, it looks like the large balconies would be perfect for a little AN relaxation at night. Does anyone know if the balconies are truly private or if the neighbors can view you? We want to sit out in the buff, but not offend anyone or get in trouble with the staff.

    Much thanks in advance.


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    Hello Chris and Sue, we stayed in a penthouse last November and it was great. We were in the Steve McQueen suite (D-14, I believe) it had a great view looking onto the beach and to the ocean on left. Really it wasn't too far to the beach just down the one level of stairs. We are staying in a Beachfront suite in July for the first time, so can't really do a one on one comparison. The penthouses have a large sitting room and half bath, with a nice bedroom. The bathroom was a huge walk in shower. If you are in the penthouses on top of D block there are 4 buildings total and separated by walkways. There is not a privacy wall between the penthouses other than a trellis screen. If you wanted to sit AN on balcony (they are large) your neighbor could see you if interested. Hopefully the neighbor is a SSB visitor and would not be an issue.

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    We've stayed in both and prefer the Penthouse Suite. The rooms are much larger and the views are awesome!! The balconies are not private so your neighbors may not appreciate AN relaxation at night but if they're not there then...

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    take something you can wrap around yourself. That way you can sit out AN and if your neighbors come out you can quickly and quietly pull your wrap over yourself so as not to offend.


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    I always bring a couple sarongs just for this reason…and Yes, real men do wear sarongs.

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    chrisnsue - Last year we stayed in the Roger Moore Penthouse Suite, D 20, and loved it so much more than the Beachfront Suite we stayed in the trip before. Beautiful big room, very large balcony with table, 4 chairs, and 2 padded lounge chairs, with a wonderful view. This year we stayed in a One Bedroom Ocean Suite, G 8, and liked it even better than the Penthouse Suite. It had a better room layout, and a better view, with the same large balcony having table, 4 chairs and 2 padded lounge chairs. We spent some time AN on the balcony with the sun streaming in late afternoon, it was quite private. The views from the Beachfront Suites are like a great view from any other resort, but the views from G block are so unique and beautiful, we will never go back to A or B blocks again! Send us an e-mail if you'd like to, and we'll send you pictures of D20 and G 8, along with the views from each, and a more detailed description of the rooms.
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    Hey, why not post the pictures on this site for all to enjoy!!!

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    Here's a link to some of our pictures from our last trip to CSS, including some of our room and view from G 8.

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    Thanks for posting your pics. They are really beautiful (& helpful, too!)
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    The photos are great. It really gives me an idea of the room and the view. Hope our room is as nice as the one you stayed in. I love the view.

    Thanks again,

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