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    Default How much time to allow???

    We are coming in July, VERY EXCITED!!!! Wanted to ask about the Airlink flights. If we land at 11:30 how much time should we allow to get thru customs. I don't want to book the 1:00 flight and miss it and lose the $$$ on the jumper flight.

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    Tough one... it can vary so much from day to day in how much time it takes to get through Immigration and Customs. Even the time for luggage claim can vary more than seems reasonable at times. On the other hand, sometime you zip right through. I have never been able to figure it out.
    The one thing my wife and I figured out is that when we have flown (and we used to alot before the road improvements of recent years) we always take TimAir. The difference being that TimAir is a charter, not scheduled flights so they fly when you are ready, not on a set schedule. Something to think about in case you have not booked air to Negril yet or for future trips.
    Best of luck!

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    It can vary dramatically depending on how many other flights have arrived at the same time as yours. Weekends tend to be busiest while say a Tuesday or Wednesday is likely to be less busy. Earlier in the day is also a faster trip while the afternoon will be busier and a late evening will be fast again. Worst case scenario probably 2 hours, best case scenario 15 minutes but that's going to be some real luck. Average is more like an hour if it's moving at a good pace to an hour and a half. Now, I'm referring to immigration AND customs as this is really what you need to be asking...just FYI. Customs itself is usually quite fast it's immigration where the lines are longer are slower but you have to pass through both so it doesn't really matter in realtion to your question. Final could be cutting it close on that 1:00 flight and I haven't heard any discussion on how "on time" Airlink is.

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    Tough one! Imigration takes between 10 minutes and 2 hours depending on how many flights landed just before your flight and and how many people got off your plane before you. The longest it's ever taken us was just over an hour (in four trips there). After Imigration you need to get your checked bags and go through Customs which may be another long line, but it never takes as long as Imigration does. Most likely, it will take a half an hour to an hour to get through all of it.
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    1:00 could be pushing it especially if you arrive on a Saturday. You might arrive at the gate at 11:30, but then you have to get off the plane, 10-15 minutes. Then the walk to immigrations. It has taken anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 1/2 hours to get through immigrations, then you go to baggage claim by which time usually our bags are waiting, then to customs. You have to go through customs whether or not you have checked bags. It is really hard to predict as there are so many factors involved, the biggest being how many flights are arriving at the same time.

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    We have been to Couples many many times in July and our flights also land at 11:30. We have always gotten through customs very quickly and are usually at The Couples Lounge in about thirty minutes.

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    i think it took about 30 minutes to get through customs, decoration, and getting our bags. but if our flight had unloaded 5 minutes later we'd have been there much much longer

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    We travelled to CN May 3- 10. I booked the AirLink flight after hurting my back just 1 week before leaving for vacation.

    I spoke with the customer service people at AirLink before booking the flight for just the same reason. I was assured that if we missed the 'scheduled' flight time we would just be flown out as soon as possible afterwards. They also don't charge your credit card until just before you actually fly with them.

    Our flight arrived at about 1:15pm, after Immigration and customs we checked in at the AirLink desk, walked over to the Couples lounge (about 2:00pm), had time for a couple beers before Airlink came over to escort us over to the domestic flights area and arrived at CN at about 3:30pm.

    I don't know how much time we saved in the end but I know my back appreciated not being in a vehicle for 90+ minutes and the view was AMAZING!

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    Intl. Airlink is totally cool to work with we've used them several times in the past just tell them your arriving flight info then when you arrive just go to the Couples lounge after customs & immigration and collecting your luggage. Check in with Couples and have them call Airlink for you and they will send a representative right over if they are not already there waiting for you. I thought Airlink was a first class outfit wish the flights were not so expensive now.
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    Thank you everyone for your great and informative comments. I can't wait to get there.

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