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    Default US$ vs Jamaican $

    In what situations is it beneficial to use Jamaican currency? I've never even seen it. Is it worth it.
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    There is no need to switch money to Jamaican dollars. All store accept U.S. money.

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    If you leave the resort to go out to, say, one of the waterfall tours, it might be a good idea to bring several hundred $J for incidentals; for example, if the driver needs to stop for gas and you want a cold soda... this would be a good time to have some J. If you want to grab some conch soup up the beach at Cosmos, you can pay in USD, but J might be handier.

    In general, however, $US is the way to go.

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    I don't think even the Jamaicans like Jamaican currency. We changed for it the first time we went, but never ended up using it since everything was in dollars and we still had to convert in our heads. Maybe if you are venturing out of the tourist areas it would be wise, but even the beggers scowl when you give them Jamaican dollars.

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    We have made 3 trips to Jamaica now of 14 days each and we travelled a little outside the resort on each trip. I have never seen any Jamaican currency used, offered or requested. We have made charitable donations in cash, bought things, put money in church collections etc, and all of this was requested or welcomed in US$. As UK residents it makes no difference to us whether we exchange into US or Jamaican cash but the wanted tourist currency does seem to be US$ so this is what we do.

    So to answer your question, I can't think of any situation when it is beneficial for us tourists to use Jamaican currency.

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    Not worth the hassle of exchanging, use credit cards or US currency.

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