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    I am considering booking now for spring 2012 to take advantage of the rates and $300 resort credit. Can anyone explain what items the resort credit can be used for. I think I read before that it cannot be used for excursions. What about spa services? Anything else?

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    It can be used for anything that can be charged to your room: Spa, gift shop, private dinners. Off site excursions cannot be charged to your room. I've seen both yes and no on scuba classes.
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    It was "anything that can be charged to your room" before but then it changed. Now scuba is included for the 2011 credit but NOT the 2012 credit of $300 that is currently offered. Night diving and snorkeling are also not included. Those are charged to your room but cannot be paid for with the credit.

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    Here is something Randy posted on the old board when he announced the credit. I noticed it was also listed on the rates and promotions page on the old site but it isn't there anymore.

    "To avoid any confusion the resort credits may be used to pay for the following:

    Room Category Upgrades upon arrival at resort (subject to availability)
    Spa and salon
    Private dinners
    Photos and photo packages from resort photographers
    Gift shop
    Romance Packages

    Resort Credits MAY NOT be used to purchase/pay for:

    Scuba, including PADI certification and night dives
    Casino tokens or anything related to the casino
    Off site excursions
    $500 Vendor Fee for Outside Photographer
    Arts, crafts, jewelry, hair braiding from outside vendors
    Private transfers"

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    Per the 2012 Early Escapes rate page:

    "A resort credit can be applied to room category upgrades (subject to availability), spa and salon services, private dinner on the beach, photos and photo packages from resort photographers, telephone, general manager's special wine list, gift shop or romance packages."
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    We went with three other couples back in February and the wives got the resort credit. The guys were out of luck. Same rules next year.

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