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    Default Bathroom on Booze Cruise...

    It will help if I start by saying I've had 3 children. Is there a washroom on the catamaran tour or am I going to be unable to drink? We leave in 5 days....can't wait.

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    They have bathrooms...enjoy!

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    Yes,there are one bathroom for the guys and one for the gals. Nothing to fancy since you are on a boat, but have used them several times to enjoy my drinking and sailing. Have a fun trip time on the cat cruise and feel at ease as they do have bathrooms.

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    Yes there is So drink up!
    Dee & J

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    Yes, there are bathrooms on the catamaran cruise. They are a little cramped as you would expect, but they do have them. Drink away!!

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    Default Mens and womens

    You are all set. Drink away!!

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    There are facilities for you to use on the catamaran.

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    Duplicate of previous !!! accidently.
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    Thank you! My 41 year old, mom of 3 bladder thanks you. Cheers!!

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