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    Hay all. We’re planning a trip to CN in September and trying to figure when to book the trip. I see on the Couples web site that there’s a Fall in Love Again Special that comes with a 48 percent savings. At that rate, looks like the room for the wife and I works out to $369/night. The only catch is that you have to book by May 17. Seems like I can do a little better by booking the vacation package, including airfare, through a travel web site. However, wondering if these special pricing deals are typically extended beyond their advertised expiration? Also wondering if I should expect the package prices on the travel web sites to go up after May 17? While I'm at it, I'm also wondering if there’s a possibility that the prices might stay the same or even go down as it gets closer to September? I’m feeling a little pressured to pull the trigger by Tuesday and can't seem to decide what to do? Anybody have any insights or advice to share?

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    Pull the trigger now.
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    I never see prices go down. Always up. The only thing you might see is a special like a resort credit or something like that. Or a Wednesday special that happens to help. Check with a travel agent and get a quote compared to the website. And the problem with waiting is that certain categories may book up.
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    I have to say that you should always book early to get the room that you want... but its really up to you. If you book later you may get a better discount? (I mean really closer to the date) but you would have the potential for losing the room. So it really depends on what you want. If you are wanting that specific room type, then book now. If you aren't then book later. Just remember, no matter what, your staying at couples so it will be awesome!
    Good luck!

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    Book now. The price won't go down, but it could go up. The only way it might go down is if there is a Wednesday special. If you book with Couples and a better deal comes along they will change your reservation to the better price with just a phone call and no penalty as long as the change is greater than 45 days before departure. Most search engines do not allow changes without penalty. If the package deal is worth the savings then book that. Either way, book now!
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    Pull the trigger now and if you find a better deal or Couples offers a better deal, Couples will macth the price. Let the count down begin.

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    I doubt that the price will go down, that is almost a guarantee. It could go up however. Usually the Fall in Love Again prices are as good as you are going to find at any time of year. If you can get a better deal through a package deal, go for it. The prices of the travel packages usually reflect what ever Couples special pricing would apply at the time you book, the bargains usually are related to your air fare. So if you find a good price, book it. If you wait it will most likely go up between now and September.

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    The good news is that you can relax and not feel pressured. You have a number of options. You can go ahead and book according to what you want (resort/type room), and pay your deposit. Then continue to watch for any other pricing/specials and if you find one prior to 45 days of your reservation, then you can cancel and rebook at the lower rate with no penalty. Check every Wednesday for the special of the week (Wednesday only). And if a better deal that you have booked, you can change again no penalty if 45 days out.

    We go twice a year for two weeks at a time and use to book direct as we generally found that travel on-line sites was about the same. However, when we started being charged a 3% conversion fee by the credit card company, we found a fantastic travel agent in the PA area that we now book through and not have the conversion fee, plus they are able to quote a rate is a few hundred dollars less than any rate we find on the Internet.

    After you have gone and discovered that Couples is the resort of choice, you will want to begin to plan and book early. For the past several years Couples has offered an early book bonus -- typically the lowest rates and with a $300 to $500 resort credit. The early booking is usually the first quarter of the year for the following year (i.e., next first quarter for 2013 reservations). Again, nothing to lose as you can get a full refund if you need to cancel or change for a better offer). We just returned from a week at CSA and a week at CN, and return again in Nov to CN -- nice to have the $500 early booking resort credit.

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    Book the hotel today. Airfare should also be within the best booking window by now.

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