Hay all. We’re planning a trip to CN in September and trying to figure when to book the trip. I see on the Couples web site that there’s a Fall in Love Again Special that comes with a 48 percent savings. At that rate, looks like the room for the wife and I works out to $369/night. The only catch is that you have to book by May 17. Seems like I can do a little better by booking the vacation package, including airfare, through a travel web site. However, wondering if these special pricing deals are typically extended beyond their advertised expiration? Also wondering if I should expect the package prices on the travel web sites to go up after May 17? While I'm at it, I'm also wondering if there’s a possibility that the prices might stay the same or even go down as it gets closer to September? I’m feeling a little pressured to pull the trigger by Tuesday and can't seem to decide what to do? Anybody have any insights or advice to share?