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    So we are getting married in January at Couples Negril. I've invited both my grandma's but they are both single. Now they want to know if the two of them can room together. Not sure on what the protocol is on if this is allowed or not since it is a couples only resort. If anyone knows if this is okay or not please let me know!
    Much Thanks!

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    Scroll down to "Resort Policies" and you'll see that all rooms are double occupancy...absolutely they can room together. Do realize that all rooms have only one King bed and there is no option for a rollaway bed or other type of sleeping arrangement as Couples resorts really are designed for "couples" so they would have to share the bed. But they could certainly share one room. I believe if they choose not to share a room you still pay the same room rate, I don't think there is a "single occupancy" rate at Couples so it will help whoever is footing the bill.

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    When we first started going to Couples this was out of the question.

    Couples has changed or relaxed this rule and they will be more than welcome.

    As they say in Hawaii 5O, "Book Them Cassie"

    We are returning to our third home (CN) as CSS is our second in 46 days.

    Please have fun, relax and don't worry, the Couples Staff will help you with everything

    If you are doing a massage, book the Tree House, it is an experience you will never forget!

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    Yes they can but the rooms only have king beds. My nieces are sharing for mine wedding.

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    10% (maybe only 5%) of wedding guests can be single. They can room together (all rooms at CN are double occupancy with one large bed), but you need call them first to arrange it: (800) COUPLES.
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    I can't imagine it would be a problem.

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    Your grandma's are welcome to be at the resort as part of your wedding party ..... They can share a room the way I understand it ...... Others will know better than I do about this but think all that CN has is king size beds (no twins) ..... they are HUGE, though, so this probably won't be an issue ..... seems like they're a lot wider than our kind size at home - Hubby seems a LOT farther away at CN .... LOL. I'd just call #1-800-COUPLES & ask them how it works so you know for sure but single grandma's can definitely come.

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    Yes 2 females can share a room. We have 2 females attending our wedding just as long as they know they will be sharing a king size bed but its no issue.

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