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    Default New to Couples- honeymoon at CTI

    My fiancee and I booked our honeymoon for May 20-27, 2012! Which, I can't wait. We both are so excited only a year to go. But, we booked a Jr. Ocean Suite at CTI and wanted to know if the room might have a chance of being on the first floor? Since we can't pick our room we are worried about not being able to have a nice view of the ocean an island. Should this be a concern of ours? Also we are a young couple does everyone usually get along so we can meet new couples?
    I have heard great things about CTI and can't wait to experience them for myself!

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    No worry, even the first floor on the ocean side is high enough for a great view, as it is already one,or two floors up from ground level.

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    Congratulations! Your wedding is coming up soon!
    My Fiance and I are getting married at CTI in August, so I can't wait to hear your review and see your pics if you post them!

    We also booked the same room type. From all the photos I've seen, there isn't a bad view possible. But I'm sure some seasoned experts can put your mind at ease.

    Again congrats!

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    The resort is situated maybe 10-15 feet up off the beach, allowing for views on the bottom guestfloors. Trees can be challenging though in some areas, even on the higher levels.

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    My husband and I stayed in Jr. ocean suite this past December and there are only 7 or 8 of these rooms. Four are in the new section around the pool second and third floor, ground floor is grill, gym, photos ect. The other 3 or 4 are on the top(4th) floor of the main building. None on the ground level but CTI does not have any rooms on the ground level. We were in the main building with a huge bathroom over looking the ocean and tower island. The balcony was very narrow but long and it felt like we were on the beach. The ones in the new building have a much larger balcomy but overlook the pool and then ocean. Both have jacuzzis in the bathrooms.

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    Thanks! We still have a year to go and I cant wait!

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    As for the age question, yes everyone gets along great. Some people like to keep to themselves and relax and other are very out going. Usually all it takes is a simple hello. You'll be surprised at how many people you meet from the town or area you live in. Our last trip there were 4 other couples from our town at the same resort. This Dec. will be our 8th trip to CN and we still email and send cards to people (guests and staff) that we met on our 1st trip.
    The advantage the couples have that have been married longer is in the piano bar when they do the Newly Wed Game...they always win Age is just a number I'm late 30's and act 21 for 10 days every other year. LOL
    Congrats and have fun!!

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    Congratulations on your engagement and congratulations on being new to Couples just like we are!
    I cant wait for you to come back from CTI and tell all of us how great of a trip you had!!

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    CTI is a wonderful choice...All views are wonderful.


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    You could not have picked a better place for a honeymoon! My wife and I are returning for the 13th time in early June. It is an absolutely beautiful place and they have the best staff of any resort we have been to by far. As far as meeting new people that is one of the best attributes of this place. We are still friends with people that we met 13 years ago and some that we just met last year and everywhere in between. You will have a great time and there are no bad views from anywhere. Congratulation and have fun!

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