We just got back from our 5th visit to CSA, and we had a wonderful time as usual. This was our first time in an Atrium suite Ė the previous trips we stayed in a beachfront suite or a beachfront verandah suite. We like having a mini-bar in the room for cocktails and such, and thought we would try an Atrium suite this time, since they now have mini-bars. When we arrived, I was surprised that there were no liquor bottles in the room, as there had been on previous trips. Instead, there was a request form to fill out. Can anyone tell me if all the CSA room types that have mini-bars now require you to fill out a request form and wait until the second day of your stay to get a bottle of liquor in your room? Or is the request slip a feature of just the Atrium suites? I meant to ask someone before we left CSA, but I didnít, and I havenít been able to find a definitive answer on the message board. Thanks for your help!