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    Default CSA Atrium mini bar liquor bottle request form

    We just got back from our 5th visit to CSA, and we had a wonderful time as usual. This was our first time in an Atrium suite Ė the previous trips we stayed in a beachfront suite or a beachfront verandah suite. We like having a mini-bar in the room for cocktails and such, and thought we would try an Atrium suite this time, since they now have mini-bars. When we arrived, I was surprised that there were no liquor bottles in the room, as there had been on previous trips. Instead, there was a request form to fill out. Can anyone tell me if all the CSA room types that have mini-bars now require you to fill out a request form and wait until the second day of your stay to get a bottle of liquor in your room? Or is the request slip a feature of just the Atrium suites? I meant to ask someone before we left CSA, but I didnít, and I havenít been able to find a definitive answer on the message board. Thanks for your help!

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    Yeah, that happened to us, too. I didn't like that, either. Would have liked to mix up something when we got in our room & were getting settled. That first day is especially important to me since we can only stay 5/6 nites & the travel day basically gets wasted, ya know?

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    When we were at CSA in January we stayed in a Garden Verandah Suite and also had a request form to fill out. This was our fourth trip and it was the first time that we had to request specific liquors. On all other trips the bottles were in the rooms when we arrived. I didn't mind waiting overnight, I am sure this allows them to not have to stock rooms with bottles that aren't required.

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    It's not specific to any type of room, I think it depends on who was in your room before you...what's left. It's been mentioned before about what is stocked in the room on arrival, some have said their refrigerator was empty, others mentioned having specific bottles of alcohol that others said they didn't have. The only thing I can assume is that since the personal choices of guests will vary so much the staff don't "automatically" restock everything or anything specific thing, they wait to see what you will request...we didn't request any alcohol in our room except the Red Stripe which you cannot have for instance, others like the broadest of choices. I don't know that to be fact, just guessing. Next time you go if you want something on the day you arrive that isn't in the room don't wait for the next day just call the desk. Couples is always anxious to accommodate guest requests, I bet they'd bring it to you right away.

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    I just got back last sat from CSA and stayed in a BFVS and had to do the same. There was some beer, water and pepsi in the fridge already. I had to fill out the request form and got the stuff the second day.

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    They all have the request form but it sounds like they just forgot to fill it your first day. When we checked in we had four bottles already. We really didn't use the liquor much since the bar was right by our room.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sublimebrad View Post
    They all have the request form but it sounds like they just forgot to fill it your first day. When we checked in we had four bottles already. We really didn't use the liquor much since the bar was right by our room.
    It all depends on when you get there in relation to when they fill them. Some people arrive later in the afternoon and evening and they don't do a second round so you just wait until the next day. Ours actually took two days for some reason even though we got there prior to the minibar fellow coming around. Not sure why it took so long that time but it was right after they added the minibars to the Atriums so maybe they were just working out the kinks. It never seemed to work correctly during our whole stay. We never got refills of Pepsi or juice which is really all we drank. We ended up finding the cart and asking if we could have a few to put in our fridge and they did.

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    We had the request form in the bfvs in April.

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