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    We are trying to decide if we should leave our wedding rings at home or not. Any advice?

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    I recommend leaving them at home...we are planning a trip to CSS for our honeymoon in March 2012, my engagement ring normally fits great but can slip off easily if my fingers are wet. I would be devastated to lose it..I bought a $10 look-a-like at Claire's boutique.

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    15 trips and we've always worn ours, Jamaica isn't Mexico where tour buses and cabs get held up and tourists get searched and you have to give your stuff up.

    That being said the concern for rings of any type comes at the beach. The combo of sunscreen and water makes fingers slick and rings can slip off even with the motion of your hand during walking. Some people choose to leave their rings in the safe during the day. We use Coppertone Sport sunscreen which we have never found to be greasy and we've never had a problem with our rings, mine never feels loose. You need to decide for yourself though what you are using and how slick your hands get when wet, even a well fitting ring can suddenly become loose. In the water or in the sand you will likely never find it again. Theft will not be your concern in Jamaica though, bring your rings.

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    We take ours, but keep them in the safe until it's time to go to supper. Never take them to the beach or in the water. Aside from the chance of losing them, the salt air will corrode the metals them.
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    I just got back from CSA last Sat and we did take ours. We would take them off and leave them in the safe during the day while at the beach. We would wear them at night to dinner and to the piano bar.

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    I feel naked if I don't have my rings on. And, no, I don't do

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    What are you concerned about (theft, loss, etc)? We wore ours almost the whole time, except when scuba diving I took off my rings and put them in the safe.

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    We always wear ours, you may want to leave your engagement ring home.
    Irie Mon

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    If you are afraid of loosing the rings in the water or on the beach then leave them at home. The rooms do have safes in them.

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    since we were on our honeymoon we took our but we left them in the safe during the day and only wore them for dinner. we were worried about them falling off due to the suntan lotion and water

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    I always leave my good jewelry at home. I have beach jewelry that I take instead. I just feel safer leaving it at home in the safe. There is a safe in your room. I do suggest if you do take your rings to leave them in your safe during the day while you are on the beach. I've witnessed many rings go flying into the sand or ocean because of sunscreen and the rings easily slipping off.
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    I never wear mine anyway because I work with my hands, but I have always felt it was wise to leave them at home if you are comfortable doing so. No one cares except you if you have them on, so if you can be comfortble without them... why risk losing them in the water? My wife brings some jewelry with semi-precious stones, zicons and such to have something to wear.

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    We bring them but don't wear them during the day on the beach or pool. I put them in the safe and ended up leaving them in there the whole trip. I would hate to loose it in the ocean or get it full of lotion.

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    I always leave my engagement ring plus other precious stone ring at home when I travel but leave on my wedding ring as it does not have to come off in the pool, ocean, when sleeping or for that matter - ever. It is a band of 5 small diamonds and I've never felt a reason to leave it behind.

    Hubby stopped wearing his years ago so no problem there.


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    Many folks do not take valuable diamonds or jewelry. Not so much out of fear of theft, but worry about losing something on the beach or in the ocean. Lots of lotions, oils, etc. mixed with activities on the beach or in the water could make it easy for rings or other jewelry to slip off without your noticing till it is too late. There has been more than a few threads on the message board about lost rings or other jewelry.

    I wear my wedding ring, a heavy gold band but mrs. dirtleg usually leaves her engagement ring at home. She does wear a gold wedding band, matches mine but in a petite size. Beyond that she takes some costume jewelry for nights when we dress up but nothing too fancy.

    It is up to you and your comfort level with traveling with jewelry or wedding rings. Some do, some don't. You could always lock them in the room safe during the day when you are out to play.

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    I have for years worn, an inexpensive wedding band from Walmart. This way I can go on the beach, do swimming etc. and not worry about losing a diamond or worry about any damage to the ring. Also, I believe it is a wise decision not to travel wearing expensive jewerly. The most important thing in a trip is to enjoy yourself and not worry about things. Have a wonderful trip! We are looking forward to our fourth trip to couples negril.

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    I too wear a simple gold band while on vacation. I use the time to have my diamonds inspected, reworked, polished, etc, while I am away. This way there is no risk of loss at the resort, and I know they in good condition for wear at home for another year!

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    Default Rings

    I leave my rings at home - I always wear an inexpensive band that I bought years ago. Last year when we renewed our vows that was the ring that we had blessed so now I wear it all the time with my wedding set at home but still just take it to Jamaica.

    Doesn't come off.

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    We ALWAYS wear ours...we keep our bands on- except I keep my "Big Rock" in the safe while at the beach etc.
    Dee & J

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    I don't wear any rings during the day but ALWAYS wear my anniversary ring at dinner & for the evening. Expenisive jewelry of any kind is best left in the room safe while at the pool, beach, & all excursions that put you at risk of losing them. It's safe to wear them otherwise.

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    I wear my wedding ring in the evening during dinners, and lock it up in the safe during the day while in the water. I bought a fake ring from Claires that I wear anytime I am in or around the water.

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    I have seen a newlywed lose hers before. So never wear mine in the water.

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    Leave them! The salt water from the ocean shrinks your hands, and the rings slip off easily with the tide. My husbands wedding ring slid right off and we were heartbroken, when we went to the jeweler to replace it and told her what happened she said that so many people come in and have had the same thing happen, due to the salt in the water. It's not worth the risk! Next trip the rings are staying home!

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    We've been to Jamaica five times and have always worn our others...I would feel naked without them.

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    If you bring the ring make sure it is insured and you will rest easy.
    Andrew & Elizabeth

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