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    Default Room upgrades available at CN?

    A newbie here planning our first trip to Jamaica in September. While weve stayed at several other Caribbean resorts, this will be our first time staying at a Couples. Were planning to book a Deluxe Garden room at CN, as my philosophy is that we dont spend all that much time in the room and therefore Im not willing to pay for more than the basic. However, Im wondering if anyone can offer some useful tips about what we can say at check-in to either get a prime Deluxe Garden room location or even a free upgrade if there are vacancies and theyre inclined to do that sort of thing. Anyone with prior experience in this area at CN, Id surely welcome any words of wisdom that you can pass on..I mean, is it appropriate to simply ask if they can upgrade us? Does that ever happen at check-in? Personally, Im not a pushy, squeaky-wheel kinda guy. My style is more go-with-the-flow, so Im wondering how this works?

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    There are no bad rooms or locations at CN. It is usually booked to capacity, so even repeat guests rarely get an upgrade. And, you are right, you spend very little time in the room.
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    We reserved a Beachfront room at CN in 2009. To our surprise, we were upgraded to a a Beachfront Suite when checking in. The woman at the desk simply smiled and said " we have a nice surprise for you".... It appeared that the room category we booked was not available. We were so excited - what a great way to start our vacation!

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    Book the category you really want.

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    I booked a garden room at CN for my first couples trip last year. I requested a ground floor room as my other half had a hip problem. When we arrived we were put in a ground floor garden room in building 1. It was perfect - not 20 paces from the beach and the room next dorr was classed as a beachfront room. The only difference I could see between their room and mine was they had sand put in front of their patio! I took a trip around the resort and nothing is more than 90 seconds away from the beach so I figured that I made the right decision.

    While I was there I spoke to a couple who had paid for an oceanview room. They were a little disappointed as although they had a 3rd floor room with a view of the ocean, the block was right at the back at the resort which is not what they were expecting.

    My personal opinion is that you could ask for an upgrade at check in - after all there is no harm in asking nicely!

    Have a great trip. I loved my first trip to CN having done Sandals for a number of years.

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    This year will be our 7th trip to CN and we have never recieved an upgrade. In fact we brought friends with us several years ago for our wedding, not a lot of rooms, only 6, but still addtional people, didn't get an upgrade then.

    Not complaining, just stating facts I am sure there are folks who have been to CN many more times then me who have not recieved an upgrade, so my suggestion to you is that you purchase the room level that you would like. You are correct in that you do not spend that much time in your room, at least I know that we don't, but I would not expect or plan on an upgrade.

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    I agree with Wally, there are no bad rooms or bad locations at CN. The resort is very small and compact and everything is close, so there are no long walks to get to places.
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    I don't know how but we were upgraded at CSA. It hasn't happened before and probably wont again for us. My point is I think it's pretty rare so book the room catagory you want and don't expect an upgrade.

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