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    Default Coffee / tea maker in room?

    Hello - just wondering if anyone can answer if there are coffee machines (like the ones you see in most traditional north american hotels) in the rooms that you can make yourself a spot of coffee or tea with? I really like to sit with a tea first thing in the morning (hubby it's coffee) as soon as I wake up or in the evening on the verandah so if there is not typically one in the rooms I may think of bringing a travel kettle.


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    Yes, the rooms do have a small coffee maker. You are provided with cups, coffee, tea, cream, and sugar.

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    CN has a coffee maker.

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    They also will deliver tea and coffee plus pastries to your room starting at 6:30am. You will just need to put out the request card the night before and they will deliver it to your room.
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    oh yeah!! hot, fresh Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee delivered to your room!

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    CTI has a coffee maker - ours ran on Jamaican time, but made good coffee. The packets they provide are a blue mtn blend. Make sure you wipe the area where you pour the sugar though and don't leave an open packet lying around.

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