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    Default Room category at CSA?

    Hi everyone,

    I feel sure this has been asked before but I can't find anything recently. I am looking to book a 5 night stay at CSA followed by a 5 night stay at CN in November. I am happy to go with a garden room (lowest category) at CN as I have stayed there before, the resort is small and nothing is very far away.

    However, I'm really not sure about what to do at CSA. I visited the resort via trading places last year and know the layout of the resort. I think I would prefer to be in the middle of the resort i.e. not at either extreme end. This means I can get to the pool bar just as easily as the watersports hut, both of which I would visit alot.

    So, which room category should I go for? Some people seem to love the Atrium rooms but others don't like to fact there is no glass and the tree frogs might be really noisy - is this the case?

    If I went for the lowest room category and get a room at the back of the resort near the road, will it be really noisy as some suggest?

    Room location is important to me but what is in the room is not important.

    Questions, Questions! Any advice/experiences would be welcome!

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    We stayed at CSA in June 2009 and had a beach front verandah suite. We had a perfect view of the beach from our room and balcony and loved it. We are re-booked for this June and requested the same.

    Our daughter and her husband had an ocean view suite and they could see the beach because they were on they were on the 3rd floor, but if they had been on the ground would have seen garden views. We were all centrally located on the resort, and close to everything. We just can't wait to be there!!! You can't really go wrong anywhere on the resort!

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    Easy answer. By your requirements, you want the atrium room or Beachfront Suite. Both are in the older area of the resort, therefore more in the center, and away from the road. Our atrium suite was literally in the center of the property, loved it !

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    Hmmm...pool bar and watersports hut are on opposite ends of the resort so I don't think you can book a room based on proximity to both. There is a beach bar on both ends of the beach if that helps.

    I can't say I've heard anyone complain about the tree frogs being too noisy...maybe I missed it so there may have been one. The main fear is of being heard in your room in the atrium and BFS rather than what you may hear and once people stay in these rooms they love them. The GVS closest to the road are hit and miss I think based on how soundly you sleep. If you sleep light or want to sleep in you may hear road noise...less traffic at night but more in the morning as Jamaicans are heading to work so if sleeping in there is more traffic noise. Most say between the ac and the fan they hear little if any noise most of the time, bring ear plugs if you are worried.

    The other thing you may want to consider is that there are two restaurants on either end of the resort as well so again booking a room for it's location is more difficult. Best to pick a category that appeals to you rather than the end of the resort. Walking the resort really is beautiful and relaxing.

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    Also , in 4 trips to CSA, always in the Atrium Room ( and a few have a thin glass under the shutters, most have screens ), and being a light sleeper, I have slept like a baby. NEVER an issue noise.

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    Thanks for advice. I hadn't thought of worrying about being heard in the Atrium room - LOL!!

    Beach front suite out of my price range so it looks like I'll go for an Atrium room.

    BTW if oyu look at 2012 prices the garden room category as disappeared. I queried this with my TA and they said that it's all change next year with the room categories.

    Anyone know anything about this?

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    If you go for the Atrium, ask for one nearest to the center of the resort. I've read the ones next to the Palms can be noisy because of the restaurant/entertainment being right there. Personally I'd go for the Ocean Verandah Suite and request one that is right there by the hot tub in the middle of the resort. We were right in the middle of the resort and it was nice to go either way and have things not be far.

    As far as the Garden Suite/Garden Verandah Suite.....they added TV's and minibars to the Garden Suites and changed the name to Garden Verandah Suite. I find the change annoying because they aren't technically the same room, but I think they wanted to bring in more cash and not many people probably booked the Garden Suites. The Atruim Suites I've heard are great. Just ask for one near the center and you should be good. Have fun at CSA. It's awesome!

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