Hi everyone,

I feel sure this has been asked before but I can't find anything recently. I am looking to book a 5 night stay at CSA followed by a 5 night stay at CN in November. I am happy to go with a garden room (lowest category) at CN as I have stayed there before, the resort is small and nothing is very far away.

However, I'm really not sure about what to do at CSA. I visited the resort via trading places last year and know the layout of the resort. I think I would prefer to be in the middle of the resort i.e. not at either extreme end. This means I can get to the pool bar just as easily as the watersports hut, both of which I would visit alot.

So, which room category should I go for? Some people seem to love the Atrium rooms but others don't like to fact there is no glass and the tree frogs might be really noisy - is this the case?

If I went for the lowest room category and get a room at the back of the resort near the road, will it be really noisy as some suggest?

Room location is important to me but what is in the room is not important.

Questions, Questions! Any advice/experiences would be welcome!