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Thread: CSS or CTI?

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    Default CSS or CTI?


    Brand new to this. Looking at this site, I'm trying to figure out the difference between the two. and a quick search did not produce good results.

    2 adults late thirties, leaving the kids at home for the 1st time !

    What are we looking for?

    - Romance
    - Re-connection
    - Rest and beach

    Time of year? March/April 2012.

    How to make a choice between the 2? Suggestions? Differences?

    Thank you!

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    Go to CSS. Much, much more romantic and peaceful. CTI is a hotel. CSS is a resort.
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    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    You will get lots of opinions
    We have been to both
    Both are great

    CSS feels more like a tropical resort
    It is big with lots of steps. Rooms are spread out.
    The main beach is nice but not huge. It is on a secluded cove so you are protected from Vendors and hawkers.
    There are 2 bars and 2 swim up bars and a juice/smoothie bar
    AN area is separate with a pool (& one of the swim up bars) a nice beach and over all is pretty big

    CTI is also great, but has more of a hotel feel.
    The size of the resort is much smaller and compact. Not many steps.
    Many of the rooms look directly out at the ocean.
    The main beach is not huge but is nice. It is also protected on a secluded cove
    There is a main bar, a piano bar, 2 swim up bars, and a juice bar
    AN area is the Island which has a swim up bar but no real beach

    Restaurants at both are great, food and service. We like Bayside at CTI the best (Thai fusion menu)
    Staff people at both are amazing
    Rooms are a little bigger at CSS and they have room service
    Entertainment is great at both, but we love the Piano Bar at CTI. It is often a focal point for the later night crowd.

    Overall, we feel like CSS is our home, but you really can't go worng with either.
    Hope you have a great time

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    zaz - From your profile, we see that you are from Gatineau! We are from Kingston, met a wonderful couple from Gatineau at CSS in April of 2010, and have since become great friends! We just got back 4 weeks ago from another wonderful trip to CSS with them.

    Now, as to your dilemma. Our suggestion would be to register with Romance Rewards, then go to CSS for your holiday, and go over to CTI for a trading places day! CSS just "oozes" romance, and the views from rooms up in the cliffs are unbelievable and unbeatable. If you'd like, send us an e-mail to , and we'll send you lots of information about CSS (too long to put on the message board), and also some pictures from our 3 trips.

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    You could always do the secret rendevous and let couples decide for you and save some cash! That is what we did and we got css. Although that wasn't our first choice we had the time of our lives. It was so romantic at times we felt like we were alone in paradise. Waking up to a view of the ocean and the foliage was amazing. Personally I don't see how the two compare. Css is like a tropical paradize and cti like a hotel, but to each their own. We would def consider a return trip to css before trying cti but that is just us. We savored every minute of relaxation away from our kiddos and enjoyed walking the meandering paths around the grounds. We loved the hidden hammock. We felt it was there just for us. Without a doubt I would suggest css or do as we did and let them make the choice for you. Either way you will be in paradise! And splurge on a message while you are there. Best thing we ever did for ourselves. We got our in that stone hut thing they show on the pic slideshow. No extra money for the best spot just luck

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    Based on what you're seeking, CSS is probably better. Lots of alone time, very romantic, nicer beach and quiet. CTI is more social, a bit louder and fun (but still not nearly as loud as other resorts), just as romantic, a little less beach.

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    Just keep visiting the photos and web pages, you will find one that calls to you. One thing not mentioned, CTI has more restaurants to chose from and come mid August will also offer full room service as does CSS and mini bars in all the rooms. CTI has the cat cruise included, CSS does not. We prefer CTI and the staff.

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    The recap by Jed above is spot-on. We have been to both (CSS and CTI). And just returned from a week at CSA and a week at CN. All four of the Couples resorts are great, just different. Based on what you stated, it would appear that either CSS or CSA would be the best for you. We had reservations about CSS due to the steps, but stayed in the wonderful One Bedroom Beachfront Suites and avoided a lot of the steps since most activities are on the beach level. CSS is clearly the most romantic and had the best beach on that side of the island (especially the AN beach). While CTI is a lovely resort and offers a lot, the hotel feel and small beach is not as attractive to us. Also while the do offer the cat cruise, it does not compare to the ones offered at CSA and CN. That was our biggest disappointment and only real negative -- it was an old and small cat and the crew interaction was very poor, especially compared to the ones at CSA and CN.

    Bottom line -- you can not go wrong with either choice. Your experience is what you make it.

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    CSS would be our choice it's so romantic and lotso f space so it's never crowded and has an ambiance that we have never found before at any other adults resort.

    As Karen suggested you can do the trading spaces for a day and check out Couples Tower Island but anyone we spoke to came back and said that CSS was the one !

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    Thank you for your suggestions everyone!

    I really want to do Ocho Rios as I've been dreaming about seing the falls for a few years!!

    I will keep reading here if anyone has other ideas!

    Thank you!

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