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    Default CSS-Restaurant Reservation Help!!!

    Hello Everyone! I hope someone can clarify this for me.

    I am getting married in 11 days (yes!!!!) and in my group we will have 8 people total. I want to be sure that we get reservations at the restaurants for us together. Do you make your reservations as soon as you get there, or can I book some before arrival?

    Thanks so much!

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    Congradulations and have a wonderful honeymoon. If you are a first timer to Couples welcome to the family!

    After 8 times to Couples, 3 times at CSS, we have never had a problem getting a reservation at the restaurant that we wanted.

    As soon as we get through check in, we go to Guest Services desk and make our reservations. You may have to be flexable as far as time goes. You can even make reservations for the Spa at the same time. You might also let the resturants that do not need reservations for that you have a group of 8 coming in so they can set up an area for you.

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    You have to wait until you get there. The reservations desk is in the lobby so you can check in, get your room number and make reservations. Have fun.

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    From the old FAQ list (I didn't see it in the new list):

    Can you book restaurants in advance?

    No you can not. Please contact guest relations upon arrival and they will assist you.
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    Congratulations! We worried about this before we left too. We made any reservations once we were there and we were often changing them later anyway. (For instance, to have dinner with a couple that we had been having cocktails with.) We never had an issue. On your wedding day your wedding planner will take care of making your choice for dinner reservations. Relax and have fun!

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    Thank you all so much for your help! I look forward to becoming part of the Couples' family!!!

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    We just came back yesterday and had no problem getting an 8 person reservation at Casanova. Really one of the best meals we had, and none of the restuarants have a bad option. Every thing was just wonderful!

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