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Thread: vow renewals?

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    Default vow renewals?

    We are thinking of renewing our vows next Spring and will staying 8 nights. The One Love package for renewals is no extra charge since we're staying longer than 6 nights, right? We only pay the gov. fee of $250 and whatever add ons we want? Just wanted to make sure that this applied to Renewals as well as Weddings. Thanks for any info!

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    A renewal isn't a legal process so there is no government fee.

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    Look at the very bottom, it does say that weddings AND vow renewals have a mandatory $250.00 fee.
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    It's true that there's no government process but you still must pay the $250. It becomes an "administration fee" instead! And yes that's all you'll have to pay

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    *PLEASE NOTE: Wedding and renewal of vow ceremonies are subject to a mandatory processing, government licensing and administration fee of $250; this fee is not included in the price of the wedding packages.
    Copied from Couples website.
    I think you still have to pay the $250 fee.

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