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    Default Is 2 hrs before the wedding enough time?

    Hi All,
    I've been given an 8 am slot for hair and make up for our 10 am wedding. I have a lot of hair (i spend 10 minutes just combing it every day!). I am wondering if that is early enough. Can any past brides tell us how long before your wedding you got your hair done? Did you feel rushed?

    I dont want to feel rushed but i also don't want to sit around for an hour waiting for 10, ya know?

    Any advice or thoughts would be great! Thank you!
    PS we'll be at CSA. Let me know if you have a stylist you preferred!

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    I have an 8AM appointment for hair and make up and a 10AM wedding so I was a little worried about time as well. I'll be watching the post.

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    Hi Guys!

    I was married at 10 am and had a 8 am slot. It was MORE than enough time. My hair is thick, long, and crazy...she had my low side updo done by 8:45 and I was back in my room before 9. I DID have my face and eye make-up done before the hair appointment. When I got back to the room all I had to do was get dressed, finish my lips and touch-up. If you'd like to see a few pics, I made them public on facebook. My name is Jill Edsall.

    Just a reminder!!!! If your photographer is doing "getting ready" pictures! Make sure you request an early house-cleaning. I requested it and unfortunately it didn't get done...and I believe any bride should not have to make the bed on her! (this was my only complaint throughout the entire process...everything else was seamless!)

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    I was married at CN in March 2010 and had a 10am wedding, with an 8am slot for my hair at the salon. They said it was the earliest appointment I could have, and I was concerned. I have quite long hair and chose to keep it down, styled with curls, and also wanted to place a flower in my hair. I didn't have a pre-consultation with the stylist at all, I just found a photo of how I wanted my hair done and took it with me so she'd know exactly what I wanted.

    I needn't have worried! I washed and dried my hair before I went to the salon, putting in all the pre-blow dry product I would normally use at home before I blew it dry. The stylist, Doreen, ran a blowdryer type comb through my hair first, then curled my hair beautifully and applied the salon's own product to keep the style locked as she was working (some type of spray). I was completely finished, flower in place, by 8:50am. I went back to my room, applied a full makeup application, and actually had about 10 minutes to pace and fuss and get a little nervous before the wedding coordinator called my room 10 minutes before the wedding! She was over about 3 minutes later, did up my dress for me, and I was ready!

    My husband-to-be and I ordered 6:30am room service for breakfast and enjoyed it out on the verandah. While I was at the salon, he got ready and then left the room to spend the next 1 1/2 hours relaxing with our friends before the wedding. It couldn't have been coordinated any better!

    I was very happy I didn't have an earlier hair appt when all was said and done.

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    THanks Jill. I looked you up on fb and couldn't get to your photos. There is no "pictures" choice under your fb pic. It may be set to private. Any way you could post a link? Even if its a public album, the link could still be private. Thank you!!

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    I was married at 2pm. I had my nails done at 10am so they'd be dry by the wedding, and went back to the salon at 12:30 for hair and makeup. My hair is not super long, just past my shoulders, but is thick and very curly. I washed and dried my hair that morning, and ran a flat iron through it to make it more manageable for an updo. I had no consultation and a very general idea of what I like. She made it all happen with more than enough time to spare. I bought my husband a grooms pampering package as well and they scheduled his appointments so that we would miss each other. I was back in the room for photos and wasn't even called down from my room for the wedding until 2:15. Remember, you ARE on Jamaican time. The whole reason you are doing a destination wedding is to eliminate stress and extensive planning. If something takes longer, or you aren't at the room at 10am, no problem mon! It's a guideline and they will make sure your day is perfect. Relax, let the coordinators and spa personnel coordinate and just go with the flow.

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    Thanks, Kay. I feel so much better after reading that. You're right.. if i'm not ready, then everyone can wait!! We're in jamaica!

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    I had mine done at 8am for our 10am renewal and I was ok. My hair is very, very thick and long too. The lady doing mine kept exclaiming that I had the most hair she had ever seen on a white girl. lol When I finally took it out there were well over 100 bobby pins in it. I didn't have my makeup done, I just did it myself. I had enough time for that and everything else. I think you will be ok.

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