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    Default Couples CTI May 22-29

    My wife and I will be taking our first trip to Jamaica and will be staying at Couple's CTI May 22-29. Does anyone have any recommendations for excursions in the area?

    We are very excited and cant wait for it to get here. We have heard amazing things about the resort and staff.

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    You are going to love CTI!!!! We been there 3 times with #4 this September. As soon as you walk into the lobby, you are going to relize that you made the right choice. The view of Tower Island and the warm breeze will be breath taken. You will soon find out that the staff,resort,food,drinks are out of this world. Do EVERYTHING CTI has to offer but find time to relax too. You will be booking your next trip "home" again real soon. Enjoy and have a GREAT time. Tell Byron R&R will soon be there.

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    We can't wait for the next 8 days to pass. We can already tell we are going to have a blast from the pictures we have seen and people we have talked to. We will be sure to take advantage of all the excursions CTI has to offer!

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    Default Tons of stuff to do

    Above should be the link to the list of activities and schedule. I highly recommend as first timers the Dunns River trip, Catamaran Cruise, and if they still have horseback riding. Those are free and don't take the whole day. Plan these before arriving and remain flexible as some are weather permitting and may change the schedule. Be ready to sign up for them as soon as you arrive or once you are settled in (which if Byron and Kirk are there, would be in 2 minutes) as those are the most popular.

    The shopping excursion is good if you've not been to the Islands before, but I didn't find it much different than the Bahamas. Definitely do snorkeling as well - its free and runs about an hour or so. If you haven't snorkeled before, you'll love it. But its not as good as Cozumel or the Bahamas. For that you sign up first thing in morning when water sports opens.

    Our favorite trip was the bike tour through the Blue Mtns, which I'm fairly sure they still offer at the front desk. This is a trip unique to this area of Jamaica and can't be done elsewhere. It offers a good look at life in Jamaica, away from the tourist areas and cities. Its not strenuous as you glide down the mountain. Drawback is that it takes the whole day. But if you've already swam with dolphins, seen plenty 0f beaches, and zip lined in other tourist areas, its probably no different in Ochi. Same with the paid horseback riding at the beach.

    The river rafting intrigued me, but we haven't gone on that yet. Our problem now is that we love staying at the resort so much, we don't want to leave it. Enjoy your stay!

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    We did the dolphin cove swimming with the dolphins on our first trip to CTI four years ago. It was a blast. We saved alot of money by booking online beforehand. We are going to do the ziplining and tubing down the white river this time. Hope you have a blast.

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    Definitely do Dunns River and the Catamaran Cruise. Chukka Tours has some great options outside of the resort. This year we're doing the ATV excursion.

    Have a drink for me when you arrive - my 30th birthday is May 22nd, and I can't have a dirty banana until October

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    Relax, relax, relax. Do the horseback riding excursion as they are discontinuing this summer and you won't be able to do it when you return. Sit in the lobby, looking out over the ocean enjoying the breeze and view. Get continental breakfast before going to the breakfast buffet. Order the croissants, YUM! Relax, relax, relax. If you have ever considered trying AN, go early in your trip and early in the day--if you are a newbie. Have Antionette or Tenisha make you a chocolate martini. Relax, relax, relax. We are returning for trip #5 in July and can't wait. Oh did I mention to relax? As Cuse mentioned you will be booking your next trip "Home" and you will have time to do everything else, so Relax and enjoy!

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    Thank you everyone for your helpful responses. We are looking into all of these but as Vickyj mentioned our #1 priority is to relax.

    ct ti fan can you explain how you go about signing up for these before your arrival?

    We are down to 5 days!!! Needless to say we should be "very productive" at work this week.

    Thank you again everyone for your responses and recommendations!

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