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    Hi we are coming from the UK and are planning on bringing things like chargers, what kind of plug adaptor will we need? Been looking online and different websites say different things. Will we need a plug adaptor that is UK to US 2 flat pin? Will we also need a step-up transformer because of the voltage? Can someone please help us out here. Dont wanna take the wrong thing then realise we cant charge anything or we fry our chargers because we havent used a transformer. Thanks.
    Couples Tower Isle September 2011

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    Not sure the adapter you'll need but on our recent stay at CSS they had what I'd call a standard US outlet (obviously it's not just US if other countries are using it). We had no need for an adapter.

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    Hi guys

    Been to Ja several times, for CSS you need flat 2pin to UK adaptor. It will cover all you need. Voltage is much lower in JA (same as US)so it will take longer to charge but will be OK. Dont worry about hairdryers, they have them!

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    You've correctly identified the adapter you will need. Couples (at SweptAway, at any rate) the 2-prong parallel flat pin plug is used, and the Jamaican electrical grid runs (nominally) at 120/240 VAC@60 Hz.

    Hope that helps...

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    We are from the UK too and found that our iPhones charged OK in the iPod docking station that is provided. Not sure about other items tho'.

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    In the FAQ's they say it is 110 volt, which is what is used in the US.

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    Many chargers and laptop power supplies will work on both voltages.
    JA is 110v/50hz I believe UK is 240v/50hz.

    Many power supplies or chargers operate with an input of 100-240v 50/60hz.
    I would make sure I have or get one of these type. I personally would not mess with step down transformers.
    Usually poor quality and low power. Hair dryers, curling irons, etc...are usually a problem.
    Look at the spec on the charger or power supply.

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    No adaptor needed - no worries!

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    The plug is a US 2 flat. Will you need a transformer? It depends on the device. Some work on 120/240 and others do not. You need to read the device.
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    Yes you will need a UK to US flat pin adaptor, and depending on what you want to plug in, you may or may not need a transformer. You can charge up your phones, cameras and ipods without a transformer, they will just take longer. If you plan to bring anything with a motor (hair drier, styler etc) then you will either need a transformer or a dual voltage appliance.

    Dawn (UK)

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