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    Hi MB,

    My fiance and I are about to book CTI for August, for our honeymoon and we are reading all about CTI and 'the island' and we've learned what AN is too.

    We have never been to an AN beach, but are not closed to the idea, actually we are open to it and looking forward to our time at CTI. 'The island' is a huge draw for us to go to CTI (we both just think it's cool), however when we saw that it was AN it sparked a little bit of anxiety, but in talking about it more we're interested to make our first trip to the island. We'll likely seek our own bit of privacy "off to the right side" as some of you have stated in other threads, the first go round, but we will definitely give 'the island' a try.

    We are curious though... How does one get out to the island? Must we disrobe before going to the island? Or do we disrobe once there? Is there a boat that we come over in AN, or wear a swimsuit over then disrobe once on 'the island?'

    We look forward to any advice, words of wisdom, practical knowledge and experience that the MB is willing to share.


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    Go to the 'feedback after your vacation thread' and you will find many many posts that tell you all you need to know. AN is awesome!

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    we did an at css for the first time last week. We sprayed sunscreen on before we went but not everyone did its a comfort level, undressed at the beach, have to be on the beach to be nude at css anyway, bumped into a guy that forgot to put on his towel right away. go early in your trip because if you do like you will have wasted alot of an time otherwise. now that we have we plan on going back everytime. when you go find someone who looks friendly and start a conversation.....where are you guys from, how long have been here, have you eaten at this place yet what did you think. it really is less frumpy on the an side. can't advise on cti since we haven't been but css was great.

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    You take a boat over in your swim suit or other clothes. Once on the island you find your spot and then disrobe. Read a lot of the threads on this section of the message board and you will learn a lot more about what it is all about. Have fun.

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    The boat will pick you up and bring you to the island. When you get to the island you pick your spot then you disrobe and enjoy

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    There is a boat that will take you over to the island and bring you back. You go over clothed, find your spot on the island, and then disrobe. And then you must clothe again to leave the island (that is when most people are least happy lol).

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    Stand at the boat ladder on the main pier (clothed, shorts or swim suit, your choice) the boat will pick you up in a few minutes take you away to the island. You get off the boat find a place to camp out and then remove your clothing and start to enjoy yourself.

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    I love reading posts like this because we ALL have the same fears the 1st time! You get nude when you get to the island and you do it at your own pace. There isn't a gigantic Jamaican with a gun telling you to disrobe. LOL
    A bit of advice, when you get to the Island go to the right. Its much more secluded. As time goes on and you feel more comfortable, there is no doubt you will end up at the pool (left side). The pool is where you will meet the best, most laid back people on the planet.
    When in August will you be there?

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    There is a boat that goes back and forth. You disrobe once you get to where you wish to settle. Just relax, there is no formal process.

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    Quote Originally Posted by winlove View Post
    There is a boat that goes back and forth. You disrobe once you get to where you wish to settle. Just relax, there is no formal process.
    ...and when you're ready to leave, you re-robe to return to the dock and wait for your ride back


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    Honestly...I have never seen anyone TRY going AN that did not end up loving it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoveSun View Post
    Honestly...I have never seen anyone TRY going AN that did not end up loving it!
    We did and it wasn't pretty--it was a one sided thing

    Back to OP--I only skimmed the responses, but just in case, go early in your trip and early in the day. Not that the island chairs get "filled" up and when this has happened when we have been there, they brought out more. Anyway, go out, get your lounger, lay out towel, take off clothes, get comfortable. Eventually look around and you will notice that everyone else is naked--except for the blind bartender. Some people keep to themselves on the right side of the tower, others are more social (not inappropriate, just social) at the pool, bar, and deck surrounding the pool. The guests that have been there when we have visited have been pretty laid back, just there to visit, get sun, read, share stories and enjoy the wonderful drinks from the bar. Bring extra sunscreen and stronger than what you might normally use as you will go through a lot. Have fun!

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