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    Default Body Painting at CSS

    Do they have body painting at CSS? I think that would be a really fun activity. Has anyone participated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamaicalover View Post
    Do they have body painting at CSS? I think that would be a really fun activity. Has anyone participated?
    We were there in dec 2008 and although it was not a planned activity a lil alterations of the daily plan turned into an incredibly fun afternoon. The old message board had some posts with pics of the december event. Our afternoon was a result of bunch of fun loving folks and generous tolerance from those who did not partake.
    We had so many highlights but that one stands out the most from our december trip to SSB

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    Default Body painting

    I was painted on SSB when we were there in November 2008. The guy painted me in a yellow and orange bikini and my husband (with swim trunks) and I walked up around the "textile" pool. You should have seen the looks on the prude's faces!!!!!!!!!
    The guy doing the painting was a guest from Canada, not a CSS employee.

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    We're hoping they have some "alterations" to the daily routine while we are there. Body painting or dance lessons on the beach would be great.

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    Sounds like fun! We missed out on it this past year, but we saw pictures. One day during our stay, it was slightly cooler and a little rainy, so we spent the whole day in the hot tub on the textile side. The next day we found out that the rest of our friends had a fun time keeping warm over at SSB. I guess they just asked the staff for paint, and it was provided. I think they were supposed to be painting rocks...

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    Having done it in Dec 2006, it was great fun.........just asked the barkeep for some paints and viola

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    Default body painting CSS

    In July at least a dozen of us were painted at Sunset Beach. there was an artist, a staff member, and even one guest who was an artist helped out. we then did a parade around the main pool. great fun!

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    We were at Sunset Beach on Friday (trading places) and the planned activity by the entertainment staff that day was body painting. An artist came in with Shellian from entertainment and they would paint whatever you wanted. One woman had daisies painted on her breasts to make it look like a bikini top. The artist was really great and painted some amazing stuff. It was a very fun introduction to Sunset Beach.

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    Boy, I sure hope they do some of that in December, it sounds like fun.

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    That sounds like fun! I hope that continues too. I assume that the artist wasn't a couples employee and therefore was working for tips?

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    I didn't see anyone tip him, but that doesn't mean they didn't. I would assume most people didn't have any cash with them, as they wouldn't be expecting to need it.

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    Default nekkid rock painting


    We were there in 07, and they had rock painting. We had a blast...

    Of course it did end up as body painting...

    -The Captain

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    I'm turning 50 on Sept. 18. I would love to have a body painting artist do something incredibly exotic to this 50 year old body. Will there be one at CSS then?

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    The more i think of this, the more im diggin the idea... It would be A LOT of fun to do on the island... perhaps x-mas day?

    thoughts on this?

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    Default Paints

    I guess non-toxic paints are just one more thing to add to the packing list.. I think the Captain is right, it would be a BLAST! Wow, made it to the double digits finally. December really isnt that far away

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    You guys going in Dec A N D Feb?

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    Hey Heather,
    Life is good!!!!!! How is the OT??????? See you in Feb.

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    Hey Kevin, why yes we are.. You book for Febuary Yet??

    Hey Bob n Sharon, OT is pretty good a cpl weeks a month, quite nice. See you in Feb, bring the non-toxic paints..

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    Default Jheanel's art work

    Name:  jamaica 2009 049.jpg
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    See my new thread about body painting this past Friday. It was a WILD time!

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    Default we should do this!

    OK I saw this and I KNEW everyone here could appreciate this. This is the most amazing body painting I've ever seen.
    Its done at an actual festival

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    We need to do this at CN in December, what a blast it would be!

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    Arriving on Nov. 1st for 10 nights. I will be bring the paints again so if anyone wants a bathing suit painted let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rsafko View Post
    Arriving on Nov. 1st for 10 nights. I will be bring the paints again so if anyone wants a bathing suit painted let me know.
    We'll be arriving the 6th, save some paint!!

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    I arrive the 7th dowant others to bring body paints? also brushes it was wonderful the suits that were painted in November 7th -14th

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