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    Hello All,

    We are arriving at CSA on June 24th which also happens to be my husbands birthday!!! Do you know if there is anything special I can do for him at the resort that evening? Thanks for your help.

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    There have been many birthday celebrations at Couples resorts...desserts brought out at dinner, desserts delivered to the room, a special bottle of wine delivered to the room, the possiblities are endless. Contact the romance concierge or guest services at CSA, people have used both, and they will help you. Since the birthday is the day you arrive I'd call them prior to your departure unless you don't care that it's celebrated on that day, it may be difficult for you to get away from your husband and have something arranged the day you arrive.

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    Tell them when you check in or if you planned the trip, I would have noted that when won't be disappointed!

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    Contact the romance concierge. You can reserve dinner and line up a cake or buy one of the packages they already have. My wife got us reservations for lemongrass on my bday and a small cake.
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    Talk to the concierge or the hostess at the restaurant you are going to eat at that night. I had a birthday at CSA too. My husband talked to the hostess after we were seated and a bunch of employees brought out my dessert with a candle in it and sang. We weren't sure which place we were going to eat and we are procrastinators so this was pretty last minute. If you talked to someone earlier you might be able to get a small cake or something, I'm not really sure. I do know they have a stash of candles at all the restaurants for this very thing though. Mine was in my ice cream. lol

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    Last year I had my birthday at Couples Negril. My dad secretly was in touch with one of the managers and had arranged for a cake to be brought out to me at dinner. My dad had been at theresort a month earlier and set it up then. I went on my birthday with friends and it was a wonderful surprise, my friends who went with didn't even know it was going to happen. =) The cake said happy birthday love dad. How sweet. My whole family frequently goes to couples together and at seperate times of the year. You will LOVE this place and it is fun to spend a birthday in Jamaica, I know first hand! =)

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