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    Hi! I have been to CSA many times, but now I have Melanoma and have to stay out of the sun most of the time and was wondering if I could bring an umbrella that clamps to the chair so I have shade. I know when I was there before I would be one of those that got chairs in the morning but we just went to meals and sat on the beach all day. I have to make sure I have shade. Please let me know.
    Thanks and 8 more weeks until we are home again.

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    Nope. This question has been asked several times recently, people want to bring beach umbrellas of various types. Nothing of any kind is allowed. Having seen that beach at CSA you understand why the resort doesn't want it objects that would obstruct that view for other guests. It is unfortunate about the melanoma and we all certainly understand your increased concern but imagine if everyone who had a need for shade brought what they considered to be a reasonable method for providing it. Soon that beach would look like something out of an old movie staged in Florida. We found we didn't have any trouble staying in the shade using just the palm trees, we aren't palapa folks and didn't care for the shade sails either. You may have to move your chairs a few times as the sun moves throughout the day but I think you'll be fine. Hope you have a good time.

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    Couples has stated personal umbrellas are not allowed as to maintain asthetics of the beach. There are lots of shady areas to be found.

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    Randymon has posted previously that umbrellas are not allowed on the beach. There really is plenty of shade now at CSA between the palm trees, palapas, and shade sails. Also, there are umbrellas set up next to the pools. If you've ever stayed at a resort that allows beach umbrellas, you will understand why Couples does not allow them - the umbrellas tend to obstruct the view for everyone sitting behind them.

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    No umbrella allowed, Randymon has posted on this before. You can always find shade at CSA from the trees. I dont think there is anything wrong with leaving you stuff at your chair and going for meals and walks, or swims as long as your on the beach for most the day. We would get up exchange our towels find our spot, ( had to move chairs), then go get breakfast, so we where gone like 30-45 minutes. Then the rest of the day was on the beach. Its when people claim the palapas before the sun is even up and dont use them at all, that gets people grouchy.

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