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    Hey all,

    We're booked into CTI Nov 7 - 17th, and can't wait for the opportunity to spend some time on the Isle... We've been to Wreck Beach numerous times when we lived in the Vancouver, BC area. Haven't had a chance to go bare since we moved to Northern Alberta.

    If you've never been to an AN beach, it's a bit of an odd feeling when you first undress. Once you realize that you're just two of many in the same state, you relax and begin to enjoy it.

    Just remember the sunscreen!

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    Default I agree

    Quote Originally Posted by rsmith2078 View Post
    Dangerous would be what I call it...many a guest end up in bed earlier than they would have liked for the Jamaica colors layered in the shot glass, which happens to have the luxury of a cool name like Bob Marley :-)
    I want to remember my vacation. I want to be sobber for the AN beach. I have had 3 kids and I dont need alcohol to know that we are all Beautiful in our own way. Poeple are beautiful inside and out. who's judging? skip the alcohol and shed your cloths and enjoy the sun.

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    I would love to hear the follow up from the original poster, my wife is in a similar mind set and reading responses is starting to reduce the anxiety.

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