I am a newbie, this will be my first time at a Couple's, first time to Jamaica, first time to adult only and first time to attempt AN! To say I am excited is a total understatement!

AN has never crossed my mind before but as I researched Jamaica, then Couples I began to read so many of your wonderful accounts on AN that I found it nagging at my thoughts more and more until I couldn' t ignore it, now I feel convinced it is something I want to try but I need to know if I am being unrealistic.
I am the type of woman who when I get out of the shower I immediately cover myself even when alone, I always need the lights dimmed to be naked in front of my man, I would never consider going topless anywhere even though my one of my best friends is the woman who fought to make it legal in Ontario for woman to go topless, I respect a woman's right to but it has just never appealed to me. I won't even change in the open area of the changerooms at my gym, I always use a stall. The more of your stories I read the more I remember that wonderful light feeling of being a child and running around on the lawn under a sprinkler naked, or skinny dipping at the lake as a young teen. I hope by braving the AN and experiencing the 'once you go you know' feeling I might be more accepting of my body and more comfortable and confident in my own skin? It took some convincing for my man to agree to go and he walks around naked all the time. Is it unrealistic to assume I will be able to follow through with this?

Your reviews, posts and comments are so amazing, entertaining and inspiring, Thank You!

We are booked for CSS, Oct. 20-27, 162 days!!!