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    Default 8 Days at Couples Negril

    So each year my wife and I take vacation around Thanksgiving. We have been to Europe for touristy vacations and last year I surprised her with a trip to Mexico for a long weekend.

    This year we started looking around because we loved Mexico and since we took a shortened honeymoon and never had the romantic one we wanted we thought. Let's go for a week, but with the panic about H1N1 we looked around and people suggest Jamaica.

    We asked about adult only resorts and do you know what happens when you Google that...Lets just say if I wanted to spend a week naked or spending intimate time with anyone other than my wife I have a list.

    My cousin recommended Couple as opposed to the flipflop or S3cret one. She said she has heard better things about Couples and the beaches are nice, the resort more relaxed, and people will leave you alone if you want or you can be a part of as much as you want.

    So we are headed to the Island to spend 8 days from Nov 24 - Dec 1. Hope to learn a lot before we go and get to know some great people. My wife is a little less outgoing than I am, but she warms up.

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    My husband and I will be there 11/22-11/27, and we are first timers too. Look forward to meeting you when you get there.

    Chuck and Lori Eversole

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    Oh you could not have picked a better place. We are leaving in 9 really loooooong days to CN for 8 days of paradise. This will be our 4th trip and while we have not been to the flip-flop we have been to S3cret in Mexico and while it was great and we might go back someday, nothing and I mean nothing beats Couples Negril. I know our fellow posters will argue and tell you that their resorts of choice are better, but for us it is CN.

    Welcome to the Couples Family.

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    You will LOVE CN, have a great trip!

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    Did you know that ALL four of the Couples resorts were rated as some of the BEST this year? Yep! Others will tell you more.

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    we are looking forward to a great and relaxing trip.

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