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    Default Coming to CSA in October

    I am about to book a trip to CSA for October 9th to the 16th. Me and my fiance are also looking to get married on the 12th. Any suggestions. Is anyone going to be there? Any response would be greatly appreciated.

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    First, Congratulations! We were married @ CSA in 04 and it has changed our lives.Swept Away is our favorite place on earth and I save all I can to get back to paradise.You can do alot or do nothing.The sunsets are the best I have ever seen.I hope you love CSA as much as we do,have a great time!

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    You'll love it. We'll be there 10-17. Hope to see you. Congradulations.

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    You'll be there for the anniversary party. Book soon, that's a busy week. It's a lot of fun, they go all out and put on a big buffet. Don't miss the desserts. Have a great wedding.

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    My wife and I will also be there 10/10 through 10/17. The 12th is our anniversary....Great day to get married. See you all there
    Ken and Cyn

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    we will be there from the 9th -14th celebrating number three. The second time around really is better. we went there on our honeymoon and can't wait to get back. hope to see you and meet ya'll, we'll buy the drinks. lol

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