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    Has anyone read the 17 Day Diet book and tried it? Just started to read it today so don't know much about it sounds easy enough. Let me know of your results and any things you have done different.

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    I tried it last month. Wanted to take off some weight before our trip to cn coming up on may 4th. I made it through 12 days and got really ill. My doctor said it was too restrictive for someone my age (51)lol. Try it but if you start to feel ill, stop.
    Linda o

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    I started it back in March when it first came out. Im a bigger and I really wasnt losing weight. So I started a new diet called the HCG diet. Its very restricted and you have to follow it. I lose about 1-2 pounds a day. What it does is it takes away from your stored fat. I have lost 20lbs in 17 days and can tell a difference. I never thought that I would lose my muffin top ! If you want to know more check out
    Hope this helps!

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    I am on Day 4!!! I only have 10 lbs to lose and have already lost 1 lb. It is very easy to follow but the first 17 day cycle is very restrictive and it took me a couple of days to get used to it. I bought the book on ebay for $13 with free shipping under a "Buy It Now" posting. It is definately worth a try.

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    Both the 17 day diet and the HCG diet are dangerous and gimmicky. Eat whole, real, unprocessed foods (fish, meat, chicken, veggies and fruit), no sugar, no grains and no artificial anything; add some decent, real exercise and I guarantee you will lose weight and feel better!.

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    Did it for a month and lost 12 lbs but definitely found it too restrictive. WTH-no wine for a month. Couldn't do that part. Did it only for 2 wks. I didn't lose any more weight on this diet than I did on the South Beach diet and that was less restrictive.

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    I haven't tried the 17 day diet, or hcg - I hate dieting. I hate being hungry. I hate counting calories, carbs, and proteins. I tried a "restrictive diet" 2 months ago - 1300 calories a day. Lost 2 lbs.

    I started coaching & umpiring little league baseball a month ago. I'm at the field 3-4 nights a week. I've lost 11 pounds and am shedding weight without trying - oh and I'm eating like crap again. Burger King, French Fries, Pizza.....

    Here's what I've found. If you're restricting your calories - you get hungry - once you get hungry you focus on how hungry you are and get hungrier....then you eat....and keep eating. If you don't eat - you get miserably cranky and are no fun to be around anyway.

    Instead of intentionally restricitng my calories I'm just keeping myself busier so I'm not sitting around watching TV every night. I don't eat breakfast, I eat lunch around 12, I have a pack of peanut butter crackers around 4. I head to the baseball field until about 9 when I come home and have dinner (again not usually anything healthy). Becasue I am in bed by 11 I have no need to snack at night anymore, and (I believe this next part to be true but have no scientific evidence) because I ate dinner so late my metabolism is in high gear all night.

    when you know you don't have the ability to stop and grab something to eat than you don't get hungry. Instead of dieting, go for a walk each night, join a league or outdoor group of some sort to keep you occupied during your normal snacking & meal times.

    It's working wonders for me

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    PLEASE be careful with the HCG diet, especially if you are male. It tricks your brain into thinking you are pregnant. Do a Google search on the product and read the warnings. There are much better ways to loose weight. Not trying to be controversial, just concerned for my fellow Couples family members.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    First, we had never followed a diet, but in the last couple of years had gotten out of shape and put on almost 20 # and found clothes not fitting. Having seen/heard of the 17 day diet, we went on it at the end of January. We were going to Jamicia end of April for 14 days and wanted to lose 18.8 # to get on target. Lost a total of 22#'s. Spouse also went on the diet and came within a couple of #"s of ideal.

    We followed the first cycle exactly using the sample menu- seems like we ate more than our normal and discovered some dishes that we really loved. cycle 2 we followed fairly close. The secret for us was to have a system. We put the menus on mailing labels for each day/meal and then put onto index cards. On the weekend, we looked at the next week and got what we needed at the store. It was very simple, lots of foods, and we found excellent and enjoyable eating. While we don't follow exactly now, it has changed our behavioral eating habits and have maintained our target weights. Now we just select days from the cards -- easy planning.

    We have just spent a week at Swept Away and another at CN-- we return home this morning.

    For us it was an ideal diet -- wishing you the very best in your journey.

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    It's all about calories in and calories out...bottom line. How healthy you want to be about it in the end is your choice. Just because something works doesn't make it good, there are many diets out there that are quite effective when followed properly but they are horribly unhealthy for your body. Some say there are no quick fixes...well, there are but you will pay in the end unless you are just shedding a couple pounds. If you are looking to lose 20 pounds in two weeks it cannot be done without a negative impact on your body.

    We don't have a trip planned right now but I put on some weight over the winter and not going to look good in the summer clothes so I've been trying to lose a few pounds too. Bought lots of fruits and veggies at the store...raw, canned, frozen it doesn't matter. Most of us get plenty of protein in our diet already, too much in fact so I'm focusing on those fiber rich fuits and veggies and they are keeping me full while I cut the portions on all my other foods. I had pizza last night for supper...less than I would have eaten a month ago and I had a big salad with it. I'm exercising 30-60 minutes almost every day. The weight is coming off at a nice rate...about 2 pounds per week.

    It's not the answer any of us want to hear but we have to eat better and excercise more...lots more.

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    Just a thought... we started P90X at the beginning of March. We followed the diet and exercise very closely for 1.5 months. I've lost 21lbs and my fiance has lost 15lbs. We've started to slack off with diet/exercise lately but hope to get back to it soon.

    If there were exercises we just couldn't physically do, we didn't push it. We did what we could and gradually started to be able to do more and more as the weeks passed. I started to feel like my life was controlled by the workouts (we couldn't just go run to do errands because we HAD to workout -- it was kind of annoying!), but the diet is not bad at all. I actually can't eat as much food as they were telling me to eat... but if I don't, I don't have the energy to work out.

    If I can lose another 21lbs, I will be ecstatic. I need a wedding dress/honeymoon bikini body for October!!!

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    What I have found from personal experience is with many of these programs and I have tried many of them, that while you lose the weight, the minute you go off the program, you put on not only the weight you lost, but more. The best program is the program where you eat what your body needs--a balanced diet--but learn portion control and be active--like Beer Suds stated--getting active helped him and he still eats "crap" (I am guessing he likes beer also). Be healthy or you can't enjoy your trip, let alone life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allans_Angel View Post
    Eat whole, real, unprocessed foods (fish, meat, chicken, veggies and fruit), no sugar, no grains and no artificial anything; add some decent, real exercise and I guarantee you will lose weight and feel better!.
    This is the best advice!
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