My husband Jim and I spent our honeymoon at CSA in April, it was so romantic, our BFVS was literally four feet from the beach and about 20 feet from one of the beach bars! The sunsets were amazing, the water warm with gentle swells, the staff so friendly and polite. The food was excellent and the snorkeling was amazing and I am a big chicken to open water due to fear of sharks. But it was a beatuiful snorkeling spot and when it was time to get out of the water I wasn't ready! If anyone is considering any of the couples spots for honeymoon or a romantic time, CSA is the way to go, our travel agent has been to all the resorts and said the beaches on the Negril side are the truly white sands, and the water was clear and gorgeous, and he was absolutely right. Everything was close and there was some shopping down the beach and bars to hang out with the locals! We never left the resort, and the beds are so comfortable, and the air conditioners were fantastic, we like cold when we sleep and it was cold. Check out the gift store at CSA very resonable prices. Hope you love it as much as we did, we are saving for our next trip. One tip, don't fly in on a Saturday Customs is very busy and we had a two hour wait to get through! Have fun.