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    Default Anyone use the church shuttle from CN?

    Hey everyone! We are heading back to CN in a couple of weeks (CAN'T WAIT!!!) and on our last trip we noticed the church shuttle on the activities list. We are very interested in attending a local church while we are there and wondered if anyone has been and would share your experience. Any info on type of service, length of service, how to dress, any other issues or insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

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    We have visited the local catholic church in Negril on all of our trips, with transport arranged by Couples. It has always been a fantastic, colourful, prayerful experience at which we were very warmly welcomed by the priest and parishioners who are well used to tourists. The Mass was a regular length - say 50 minutes .

    The congregation was in their Sunday best and I guess they like visitors to show a little respect in their choice of dress too. I would have thought that - as in most worship settings - they would prefer visitors not to wear shorts or strappy tops or very short skirts but they know you are on holiday with a limited choice of clothes and are just glad you've joined them.


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    I would love to know this too! We are arriving on Saturday and we'd like to go to church on Sunday.


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    We were at CN last month and enjoyed attending church at the Negril New Testament Church of God. The church bus leaves at about 9 AM from CN and drops people off at a local Catholic church and the Church of God. They pick you back up in front of the church at a time pre-determined by the driver (about 11:30 AM). The Church of God offered an upper balcony area. The people were friendly and inviting and the service was uplifting. The locals dress nicely and we dressed in what would be considerate of a worship service (him: knit slacks and comfortable shirt, her: summer dress). There were people from other resorts that had been dropped off there also so you will not feel out of place. They asked us to sign a guest book and recognized all the guests by country. It was a great experience and we would encourage everyone to spend time with God while on vacation.

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    We have attended mass at Mary Gate of Heaven in Negril for the last three years. Father Jim Bok is wonderful, as are "his sheep". Last year he blessed our 50 year anniversary....very special. I would suggest dressing as you would when you attend a nice dinner. The locals come beautifully groomed and set a standard that is admirable. You will enjoy the experience.

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    I was telling hubby about this. I am thinking we should seriously consider this, this trip.
    It was a great experience and we would encourage everyone to spend time with God while on vacation.
    Love this!

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    Great info, thanks everyone!!!

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