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Thread: May 21-28 @ CN

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    Default May 21-28 @ CN

    Hi Everyone!

    My boyfriend and I are coming to Couples Negril for the first time on May 21-28. We are soooo excited! Will anyone else be there around that time?

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    Hi bektar, we will be there May 19th-27th........You are going to have so much fun! This is going to be our 3rd trip. It will be trip#1 for our daughter and son in law. They don't understand WHY WE LOVE COUPLES SO MUCH!! Soon they will see!! Only 8 more days!! See you at the swim up bar, drinks are on us

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    We will be there 21st to 29th!!!! Can not get there fast enough!!!

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    Sorry about that , Kim and Jerry 21st to 29th. Too excited!!!!!

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    Be there the 19th - 26th 3rd trip. From Indiana, can't wait to get back.

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    Counting down the days.... My fiance and I will be there 19th-26th. Whooohooo

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    21st to the 28th ........... Man the wait is horrid. Dave and Michelle.

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    Default husband & I are coming home for the 5th excited I can barely focus at work! It gets better everytime; we were excited on our first trip to CN for our honeymoon in 1999 when we didn't know what to expect. Now that we know how perfect CN is for us, the anticipation is EXCRUTIATING!!! 3 more days....

    See you all on the beach!

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    Default See you soon!!

    Hi all, my husband Dave and I will be there May 24-31. It's our 3rd time back to Negril We love it. Another couple will be meeting up with us on day 2 of our trip. We'll be on the beach with our flag in the ground in 4.5 days!!! Cannot wait!!! Hope to meet up with some new friends!

    Jen & Dave

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    we will be there the 25-29th the 2nd round of drinks are on us

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