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    Oh how I wish Couples would entertain a referal program I swear I am a walking, talking Couples billboard!!! I sent out mass texts this year to introduce friends and now we have a list growing for this trip and next years

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    According to many on the MB, they have a referral program in place already. They offer impeccable service and create an amazing atmosphere at each one of their resorts. This "pay it forward" referral program is great in that every single person enjoys the benefits of the program without ever having referred someone. But couples knows that if they do what they do best, the referrals will role in naturally. As evident by your post, the program is working

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    Couples did try a referral program once, but I think it turned out to be a disaster trying to track who recommended who and if they were a first time guest. The referring guest also had to have the RR number of the person who recommended them and had to let the front desk know at check-in that they were a referral. I think it just became a huge headache. Anyway, they did away with the program a couple years ago. Just know the reward you get for referring a friend who will be very grateful to you for pointing them in the direction of the best vacation they will ever take. They just might take you out to a nice dinner to thank you!
    Juliann & Jeff
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