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Thread: No lobsters :(

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    Default No lobsters :(

    We are going to CN in 6 weeks. I am sooo beyond excited. However, I am bummed to find out that they will not be serving lobsters at that time because it is their mating season. My husband loooooves lobster. Will there still be crab served during that time? Thanks.
    1st time to Jamaica!
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    Yes, if you are there before the end of June you will miss the lobster. But keep in mind that it is not Maine lobster that they have but spiney, which is still really good, just different.

    I can honestly say that I have never seen crab or if I have I just have not paid attention. But don't worry the food will still be wonderful and you will love it.

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    We have been to CN 3 times and I have never seen crab on any of the menus. Lots of other fish but no crabs!

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    More than likely it will be Krab.

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    Interestingly enough, the noble crab does not seem to be on the cuisine list on Jamaica. They, too, are in their mating season, but they seem to be everywhere. I can remember our first visit to the island in July of1993; Norman Manley was littered with dead crabs that had been killed attempting to venture across the road to the grassy morass areas from the beach to lay their eggs.

    I asked a staff member a few years ago why crab wasn't served, and she just shuddered. I suspect that the crab means something different culturally than it does to you and I.

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    Crab is not really big in Jamaica - they only time I've seen crab legs at Couples was at the Starlight Gala at CSS.

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    Look up this guy. He's on the beach.

    Sorry, no lobsters.

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    You're imagining lobster to be more prevalent than it really is. Lobster is simply one of several items available for dinner one night a week. You may find crab here and there, but you won't find a lot of it.

    There's nothing about which to be disappointed. You'll have plenty of choices and likely won't have any trouble finding something that appeals to you.
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    We were at CN one year in May when it was mating season. I don't remember any crab, but they did have a lot of shrimp options. Some were absolutely fabulous. They have a cold shrimp salad that is to die for! I'd love the recipe.
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    There is so much great food at CN I'm pretty sure you won't miss the lobster. We don't when we're there out of season.

    And whether or not they have crab, be sure to try the smoked marlin. It's wonderful!!!


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    Thanks for all the replies...I am sure we wont miss the lobster. The food sounds Heavenly there!
    1st time to Jamaica!
    ******CN June 2011*****

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    Actually, last May at SweptAway Couples had sponsored a local LionFish competition... there was a lot of "fish cake" being served that week, and it was DELICIOUS!

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