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    Default Anyone else tired of these people?

    We love the new website and message board look but we're tired of the photo of the frolicking couple already! Does anyone else feel the same way? A photo of a table for two or a beautiful beach scene would be nice. We're realizing how much time we spend reading the forums that we're nit picking on this poor couple. Sorry, just sayin'! That being said, 266 days to go until we are back home at CSS.
    Dick and Sans Sue Seed

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    ha! I was just telling hubby last nite how the couples look so perfect, but then again I probably could be their mom....yikes....haha

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    Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes!
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    Hmm Couple frolicking at a resort named Couples, seems good to me!!!

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    I think that is the couple who did the photo shoot at CSA and ended up falling in love and soon after the shoot got married. Kinda cool.
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    lol glad to know I'm not the only one!

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    Yes, I am tired of seeing them as well. I agree a nice beach scene would nice. Anything but these two.

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    I agree, but only because the girl in the picture makes me realize how much weight I have to lose. BUT only 145 days till HONEYMOON at CTI!

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    Maybe if they were AN. LOL. But still he should have cought her by now.

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    Hey, they got PAID to go to Couples. Thatís why they are smiling so big.

    Life is good

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    As good as they look in their bathing suits - I agree - maybe the web developer can find the option to "rotate" pictures.

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    Yes I was thinking the same thing. I would much rather see images of the resort than people I dont even know. OR another suggestion would be to have images that rotate like on the home page.

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    Just go to the bottom and change the default to vbulletin and the couple will be gone.

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    If it's a big deal for you, change the settings for style of the message board as you see it to ""vB4 Default Style". The people will disappear as if by magic.
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    I had a thread about something similar as in my opinion that couple could be anywhere. When Couples did their calendar, my favorite months (photos) were the ones that were locations at Couples with no people. Makes it easier to imagine myself there.

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    Thanks murcime. Much better with the default.

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    I get odd looks while looking at the boards at work since she showed up. Haha.

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