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    Whats the best site to keep a eye on it.............leaving in 4 days...looks like rain for 3 straight days

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    DO NOT keep an eye on the weather in Jamaima, it will only worry you. Most days any weather site will show rain, but not to worry the rain will usally be less then an hour and its a warm rain, They call it liquid sunshine. Dont worry your trip wont be rained out.

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    None...don't watch the weather reports. For one you can't control the weather so why bother, if it were hurricane season and you needed to make a decision whether to even board a plane that would be different. Two, they ALWAYS predict rain but you may or may not get it and if you do it will likely be a short shower in the are going to a tropical island so that's the forecast everyday.

    If it does rain many people will stay outside anyway because it will still be warm. If you don't want to get wet go to the pool bar or beach bar. Go back to your verandah or go to your room and catch a nap. Go play a game somewhere...take some cards or hunt down an activities person though I bet by the time you get that going the rain will have stopped.

    As I said in the beginning, don't watch the weather, spend the time dreaming about the wonderful trip you are about to take.

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    I agree with Redinthehead, stop looking at the weather. Unless you can change your trip it is what it is.

    But to be honest, it always says it is going to rain and most days that just means a pop up storm in the afternoon.

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    I watched the weather like crazy before leaving for Jamaica 2 weeks ago. It showed rain everyday!! It was driving me crazy. did rain everyday but one but only for a little bit and then the sun came back out. It rained soooooo hard a couple of days that it flooded the upper level of the greathouse...piano bar and all...but they quickly got it cleaned up and a few hours later you would never have known. We would start to see the clouds roll in around 12:30...we would head to the swim up bar and within 1.5 hrs the sun was out again. It was actually nice to get out of the sun for a bit. So no worries. All will be good.

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    Don't worry about the weather. I was obsessed and everyone told me not to worry. It did rain almost everyday I was there - and you could almost time it perfectly. Around 1:30-2:00pm, so that's when we would either have lunch or jump in the hot tub. Within an hour it was over with. Just go and relax. You will love the place.

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    Remember, just because they show a picture of a cloud with rain falling out, doesn't mean it will rain that day. A 30% chance of rain means that there is a 30% chance that it will rain sometime that day, not rain all day. And, a 30% chance of rain means there's a 70% chance it will not rain at all that day! Also, remember it is the tropics and the forcast almost always says a 30% chance of rain.

    In our 50 days in Jamaica, it has only really rained on 3 of those days and each of those were less than an hour long, in the afternoon. And, when it does rain, it is a warm rain and you most likely will be wearing your swimming suit, so who really cares?
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    I find it funny that folks worry about the rain when they are in the pool most of the time anyway
    Hubby and I got stuck once at CSA and took cover under a sea grape tree. It wasn't much cover and my hair was quite a mess, but it was all good!

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