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    Default Last minute tips or advice CSA

    So the final countdown has begun (single digits now) for our first ever resort vacation just the two of us (married 8 years this year, one child). I am experiencing a combination of oh my god what else do I still need to do, panic when I think of what could go wrong with little one while away, to being lost in daydreams about our week in paradise!

    Just wondering if any of you have any last minute tips for us with regards to what to bring, what to do once there, some of your favorite staff etc. Really anything interesting and helpful! Thanks all - I will be sure to post our review upon our return .

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    I suggest that, at least once, you take a long walk down the beach. From your room, walk to the beach, turn left, and keep going. Stop at the security hut on your way off property and when you return to give them your room number. Take a few dollars with you in case you want to visit with any of the local vendors or stop at a local beach bar for a drink. The vibe along the beach is fantastic. Take it all in. We enjoy our trips the best when we just relax and don't have a rigid schedule lined up. It's all good.

    Depending on how old your little one is, you might consider doing what we did for our not so little 11 year old. We brought our laptap and video skyped with her and her grandmother everyday. Keeping in touch, even for just a couple of minutes a day before dinner, kept at bay any anxiety of leaving her at home. I think it actually allowed us to enjoy our vacation even more (if that's possible).
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    I would first tell you too relax. If not now, then when you arrive in Jamaica. You will be well taken care of and the little one will be fine for a week. Don't try to do too much, take time to do nothing and enjoy the atmosphere and the beauty of CSA. It is a vacation after all, don't put undo pressure on yourselves to try to cram in too many things and fill the day from the time you get up till you hit the bed at night. Eat slow, walk, take time to look at the views and the beautiful grounds of the resort, spend lots of time on the beautiful beach.

    You will love CSA. Have a great trip!

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    Enjoy yourself! CSA is an amazing resort and you will never want to leave. We also have a child and went to CSA for the first time last year and fell in love with the place. Make sure you do all the activities and go to the martini bar. We had a wonderful time there...maybe a little bit too much fun! Just remember to relax.

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    Depending on how old you little one is, maybe writing a note a day for him/her to open while you're away. That way your child knows you're thinking of them, even while away. Even if they can't read yet (not sure how old your child is), having their care taker read it to them may help them while you're away.

    My suggestion as to what to do while there is enjoy yourselves. Live in the moment. Concentrate on you. Do what you want when you want. Don't think you have to do something. Do what sounds fun and just relax.

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    So...have you found and read the I Wish I Would Have Thought Of That thread? If not do a search for it and read it with a pen and paper in hand. It's many pages long but it has a lot of tips on things people have found useful, some of them you'll find beneficial to you and some you'll want to ignore but it's a good thread to read.

    Be sure you are planning to spend plenty of time doing nothing but sitting on the beach and enjoying each other rather than filing your days with things to do. Most of us have lives that are so scheduled that you really do yourself a disservice trying to take it ALL in when doing a trip to Jamaica. There are many interesting things to see but you don't see all that Colorado or California has to offer in 5 days so why do people think they can or should attempt to see all that Jamaica has to offer in one trip? Enjoy sitting still for a while. How's that for a day dream?!

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    Default Me too!!

    We are due at CSA June 22 and I am in a bit of panic mode myself. The thing that worries me the most is reading about guests saving all of the shaded seats and such. I feel bad because I had researched Couples for over 3 years and finally decided on CSA. I heard that people are out as early as 5 a.m. That is so ridiculous. I am praying that it is not that bad when we get there. It would truly suck. The other thing is not getting the room that you actually paid for. After all that, I do hope you have a wonderful trip and I can't wait to read your thoughts about everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by voiceangel View Post
    The thing that worries me the most is reading about guests saving all of the shaded seats and such. ....It would truly suck.
    I have yet to understand this concern. I've been to Jamaica 5 times and am headed back on July 1 (to CSA this time). I go out of my way to avoid shade while I am there. My wife and I love the Caribbean sun and try to soak up as much of it as possible. The only shade we ever intentionally seek out is under a sea grape tree during the afternoon shower.

    If I want to sit in the shade I put a hat on, or sit at the swim-up bar. Otherwise I choose to allow the warm Jamaican sun to lift my spirits and tan my hide as much as possible.

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