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    Default gluten sensitivity

    Hello....was wondering if Couples recognizes Celiac Disease and offers gluten free bread and things.I was there two years ago,before I knew of my gluten intolerance and didnt notice anything.Im not a celiac,but have some issues with gluten.

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    Please do a search on "gluten". You will find numerous posts regarding this.

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    Default gluten sensitivity

    My wife sounds exactly how you describe yourself- we were there last January, and there were always plenty of options for her to choose from. No gluten-free bread specifically, though. Some of the waitstaff didn't understand what "gluten-free" was (and let's face it; most in this country wouldn't either), so she found she instead had to have the waiter/ waitress either ask the chef if certain dishes were gluten-free, or ask if sauces or dishes were made with flour (figuring it would be wheat flour). It was always pretty easy to find out.

    Incidentally, she's found that if she takes one of those "Bean-O" enzyme tablets right before sneaking a piece of bread, that that seems to help things.

    Hope that helps!

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    We were at CTI last week and I noticed on the menu at the Verandah restaurant some dishes were listed as gluten free. I did not notice that on the other menus but I also did not look. I think the chefs would be willing to answer your concerns though, maybe you can contact them in advance.

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    Talk to the head chef. The kitchen staff will go out of their way to create and label foods that you can eat, no matter what your food concerns are.
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