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    Default Romance Rewards Question

    My fiance and I will be visiting Couples (Swept Away) for the first time at the end of this month. I signed up for the Romance Rewards program back in December 2010, prior to the change I believe. At the time I believe we were to recieve the Young Love package:

    Young Love [3-13 Nights Stayed]

    •Welcome gift of two t-shirts (male/female)
    •One his/her 30-minute massage*
    •Invitation to attend the Repeat Guest dinner
    •Departure snack and water pack
    •Trading Places Pass - One day exchange privileges with a Couples Resort in the same town. Space is limited and must be reserved at resort with the hotel guest services staff.

    A few questions...
    -Most important, do we qualify for Young Love? (Even though we've never stayed at couples do the days we have booked count towards Young Love and allow us to use the benefits during our first stay)?

    -Since we booked and registered (although we haven't pre-checked in yet) for the program prior to the change in benefits, are we "grandfathered" in to the old benefits?

    -We will be getting married the day before we arrive, so we qualify for the free honeymoon package. If we still qualify for the Young Love package, are we able to use the benefits from both Young Love and Honeymoon packages (ie 2 couples 30 minute massages)?


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    If this is your first trip you will not qualify for the young love category until after you return home (this has not changed). That said the trading spaces is available to all members even those without "status".


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    Young Love [3-13 Nights Stayed]

    I believe that you answered your question with the quoted heading. The operative word is "stayed" and will not be rewarded without a prior visit of 3 days or more. The only benefit of the Romance Rewards program for newcomers will be that you can do a trading places pass without prior stay.

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    No... you do NOT qualify for anything until AFTER your stay.

    For now, the only thing that your RR membership buys you is the opportunity to "pre-checkin", which isn't saying much, but you DO get to do the "Trading Places" with Couples Negril. Fear not; I suspect that you may be returning home to Couples at some point in the next year or so. Then your "Young Love" status will have some meaning.

    Sorry to be the bearer of not-so-good news...

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    I think all you get with the romance reward is a free day pass to negril. Days at resort are only counted after you've stayed.

    You should qualify for the honeymoon package, but you need proof.

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    You are only credited for nights from previous stays to qualify for your incentive level. The only perk you receive as a new guest and a romance rewards member is the opportunity to visit a sister resort in the same town through the Trading Places program. There is no need to pre-check-in as that is only for returning guests to specify the gift they would like to receive.
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    Hello. I stayed at CSA in 2009 and we had only 6 nights and STILL dont get the package due to changes now, it does not grandfather in but we get invited to the Repeaters dinner and can go visit another resort but that is about it. You have to stay there prior to get the invite I do know that.I tried that in 2009 hahaha, I am pretty sure though you qualify for the old honeymoon package I would email the romance person. I talked with Debbie the wedding person and if we want the old wedding package we can get that. We are getting married there which in a way I was hoping for both packages hahahaha. Hope to have a congrats drink with ya !!!! I would just write them that way when they reply you can print it out so you have proofm never hurts huh. Jane

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    No. You would have to have stayed at least 3 nights previously. How could you be a repeat guest if you have never been to Couples before???

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    Congratulations on you upcoming wedding and what a most beautiful place to get married. Re your question: The new Romance Rewards program is effective for all stays after April 15th, 2011. During your first stay (old program and new), as a new member, you are eligible for the Trading Places Pass (which we encourage you to take advantage of). Then on your next visit you are eligible for the your reward level. Enjoy your Honeymoon package, but mostly each other in this wonderful getaway.

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