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    Default Water color at 4pm - please share photos

    Hello ladies -

    Our wedding booked at CN on 12/06/2012 at 4PM. I have read on a couple threads that some have changed their wedding times earlier because the water is "bluer" and more vibrant. Is this true?

    Please if you had a 4pm wedding and want to share your photos I would love to see them !!!

    Thanks Much - 566 days to go

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    Well Jollykins we have booked our wedding for 12/12/12 at CSA so its nice to see someone else in Dec getting married! We booked our wedding at 11am for 2 reasons. 1) heard the water was "much Bluer" in the mornings then the afternoon and 2nd) had a girlfriend that got married in the afternoon and she said all they did was set around all day long waiting for the wedding so she recommended the morning wedding. she talked about it felt like a waste of a day to wait around for a 4pm wedding so that was enough to make me realize that I wanted to not waste a day and get married in the morning and then enjoy the rest of the day! Congratulations on your engagement and hope I helped even though I have not been there before!

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