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    Default 27th June to 11th July

    Ok. Hope everyone finds this.
    We have to get use to it now.

    Anyway, only 4 days to go.

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    I found it. I'm having trouble figuring out the whole new MB! We have 16 days til we leave for CN. We'll see you on the 9th!!


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    Default See ya there!

    We'll be there 28 June - 4 July...looking forward to meeting everyone!

    S & I

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    Default We can not wait!

    We can not wait. We will be ther on July 11th. Jamaica is making us crazy before we get there. CN here we come. 17 more days!
    Teresa & Tom

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    Default OMG - I need to pack!

    I haven't even started packing yet!! Last year when we were 2 wks out my packing was done!
    Teresa and Tom - we'll be waiting for you guys at the swim up bar!! 15 days for us!!!!

    Cindy and Shaun

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    Hi Trisha, I think I have been accepted to the other side. If so two more days and we get to meet all new friends.

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    Default Hello!!!

    I've made it to the other side. Less than 48 hours and we will have arrived!! Life is good!!

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    Default LaGirl and TinaTerry

    We must decide where to meet up. Time is running out. Any suggestions?
    Let me know.

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    We'll be there from the 7th to the 14th!

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    Hey Trisha, We are in room#5305 beach front call or knock.David and Stacie.

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    Default LAGiRL Please keep in touch.

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    Hey Tina & Terry, Had a great time.

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    Hey Tina, My e-mail address is

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    Trisha, I hope you and Mossy had a great time at CN. I had a blast for the little stay we had. I would Love to go back, but for a longer stay 5 nights is way to short. It was nice meeting you two please stay in touch my e-mail address is
    Stacie & David

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    Default Rain, rain go away

    Hi everyone,
    We are back to reality. The rain is teeming down outside. It hasn't stopped since we landed back in Ireland. But the good news is Mossy is in agreement to us going back in 2011.
    This time, I will be booking direct. No more travel agents for me.

    Hope you all enjoyed CN, and now know why we love it so much.

    Talk to you all again, soon

    Love Trisha

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    Hey Trisha,I would like to talk to you can you e-mail me so I can get your e-mail address. Thanks Stacie

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    Default email address

    Hi Stacie,

    My email address is
    You can email whenever you want. Glad you had a great time at CN.

    Talk to you soon.



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