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    Default CSA American Idol finale

    Anyone else going to be at CSA during the American Idol finale? If we are not busy doing other things we plan to catch it! Anyone else in?

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    .....mmmm...the Jamaican beach is lit up like daylight from the glow of the full moon as the stars appear to reach out to touch us as my beautiful wife and I stroll barefoot through the cool sand. As we enjoy an after dinner cordial we listen to the steel drums in the distance we discuss whether to enjoy the sing along at the piano bar or meet up with the new friends we had made earlier in the day.
    OR..................sit in the roon and watch TV............REALLY...............I'm just saying......................

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    I agree with The Captain, but I will admit that last time we were at CTI the Broncos were playing on Monday Night Football and I just had to watch it (they lost of course), but I still had to have my Broncos football. So I understand what you mean by watching Idol. I say go for it! You'll have a cool memory from your trip. I like my memory from sitting on the bed at CTI with a bucket full of beers and watching the Broncos.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    If I was there at that time I would join you for sure! I never miss the show at home. To me it would be like someone missing the Super Bowl, NBA Playoffs, World Series etc. To each his own.

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    If I were you I'd set the DVR at home in case you decide you don't want to watch it at CSA. We watch a fair amount of TV at home and at another resort we've stayed at in Jamaica we used the TV in the evenings some as well. At CSA we turned it on once, we were beat close to the end of the trip and went back to the room and watched a little Monday night football...we are usually huge fans but sure hadn't planned on watching the game that night. Granted it's personal but something about CSA can make even the most avid TV watcher go electonics-free and not even realize it. I'm not saying it's wrong if you choose to watch, just saying you may decide you don't want to so if you have it recorded at home you'll have the best of both worlds.

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    My husband and I will be there, too! We will be on our 8 month LATE Honeymoon... better late than never right? So excited! Only about 6 days now!

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    If we were there, we would watch it too. I remember our first trip to Jamaica. We stayed at an "S" resort and arrived on a Saturday afternoon. We checked in, had a tour and then dinner. It was January and the leafs were playing! We grabbed a couple of drinks, put on our pjs and crawled into bed to watch the game. It was one of the best nights we had in Jamaica! No phones ringing, no kids bothering us, just wonderful! But then again, we are Canadian. It reminds me of a joke that Ultimate Chocolate told at the piano bar on our next trip.
    "why do Canadians make love doggy style?" .......... so they can both see the hockey game!
    I just love Ulti!

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