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    Default What time is it!

    i have read many things on here and i believe there is no stupid questions so here it goes....what is the time in jamaica? we are central time in louisiana, are they eastern time or neither? most of the time i want to be on "no worries mon" time. but on the few times we do need to know and the curiosity that is killing me please educate me!

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    Jamaica is in the eastern time zone. But, they do not observe daylight savings time. So, if you are traveling to Jamaica during DST you will not have to change your watch from Central Daylight Time. If you are traveling during standard time you will have to set your watch ahead one hour in Jamaica.

    Does that make sense?

    Or you can do like I do and put your watch in the safe till it is time to leave.

    Keep in mind if you are traveling through an airport in the eastern time zone you may have to make an adjustment to your time to make sure you don't miss a flight.

    It's always something, in'it?

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    Jamaica is on eastern time, but does not switch to daylight savoings time in the winter. So they have the same time as Eastern Standard time and Central Daylight time.
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    Jamaica is on eastern standard time 12 months a year. They did not move their clocks ahead an hour last Sunday morning. They are currently the same time as central daylight savings time

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    They are Eastern, but they don't use daylight savings time. So till November, they are the same as you are at home.

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    Thank you bunches!!!

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