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    Hi all - leaving very shortly to CSA from Canada. Although we totally get the 'no tipping' policy at the resort, we would still like to be able to show our thanks to any staff that seem to go the extra mile for us while there. So given that we are not suppose to tip with money, we were thinking of bringing some little gifts with us to give as thanks (just small things). As far as I can tell there are no rules regarding this and we will also be sure we give good reviews on staff that have been great as another way to say thanks.

    I know I've read others have done similar things so I was hoping for those that have, could you share what sorts of things you've left or given to the staff? What types of things are most appreciated?

    Thanks for your help!

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    We bring small bottles of body lotions for the women and baseball caps for the guys. Remember to write a note with your name and room number to give with the gift.

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    Great question! Have never been there so cant answer your question but will be there next year but would love to see everyone's answers on this one so hope everyone keeps them coming cause I was thinking of taking some gifts next year too!! Have fun at CSA!!

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    We went over Easter, so I left out some chocolates in the room for housekeeping/bar service with a note thanking them and saying they could help themselves.

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    A day or so prior to your departure you a form will be left in your room with a space for mentioning staff that did an outstanding job. The best "tip" you can give is to note staff names throughout your trip...we kept a piece of paper in the room and wrote names daily as we are so forgetful...and then write them on this form. This evaluation is used when determining promotions and etc so staff really do benefit from this as much as they would a tip or gift.

    Some guests do bring small tokens of appreciation...they vary from chocolates to as mentioned above lotions and hats. If you do give a gift the staff person has to have a note from you stating that it is a gift in order for them to take it off the resort. There has been some mixed feeling on the board about this just to give you food for thought. One purpose of no tipping is to prevent staff from favoring guests that tip or tip more than others. If some guests are bringing gifts and others are not then there is a potential for a similar outcome. I realize the gesture is purely meant in kindness and I am not totally against it, just wanting to point out that it is still a "tip" just not a cash tip and often not given in person or at the time of service. Please don't misinterpret, I realize the Jamaicans are poor and have a difficult time and I'm not telling you not to give the gifts. I'm just saying...

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    "One purpose of no tipping is to prevent staff from favoring guests that tip or tip more than others. If some guests are bringing gifts and others are not then there is a potential for a similar outcome."

    sherrynchuck: I couldn't have expressed this better as I too have been concerned that the practice of bringing tokens of appreciation has the potential for different treatment towards guests. I appreciate that many times repeaters (like ourselves) who have got to know some staff members personally might bring gifts for them as friends but for first timers or those who do not know any of the staff, the very best 'tip' you can give is to mention their name on the feedback form. In this way the staff member(s) benefit from staff bonuses and/or promotion opportunities.

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    I think it's a great idea to bring small tokens to give to the staff. They are so good to us. In addition to what was mentioned above I have also heard of guests taking items for the staff's children. Crayons, coloring books, hair bows, hot wheels. I think this is also nice for them as many of them might not be able to afford these things for their kids. We got to know staff the last time and one of them mentioned he liked Country Western Music. Next time we go we're taking him a few cd's.

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    We usually take a few large chocolate bars(we live near the Lindt warehouse so we get a good deal) and leave a few for housekeeping and Herbert when he gets our bags, etc..
    Last year we also took a few bags of school supplies,( pencils, sharpener,solar calculator, scissors, colouring books, stickers etc..) We made bags for boys and girls then found staff who normally don't get much recognition like the lady who cleans the bathroom outside Lychee. She had two small children and seemed very appreciative. As others have mentioned you do need to write her a quick note so the management knows it was a gift.

    Apart from that again as others have mentioned note their names on comment cards, and also treat them well and with respect. The staff at CN is very friendly and I think they appreciate it when you are polite with them as they are to us.

    Smile, get to know them and enjoy your time with them it goes too fast..


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    The best thing you can do for the staff to show appreciation is to be respectful of them and their jobs. Ue their name, acknowledge them when they serve you. Just plain courtesy and manners. You would be surprised at how many folks don't use simple manners. And as Sherrychuck mentioned, mention the outstanding staff on the comment card. They receive rewards from Couples based on these comments.

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